Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2: For Those Who Need a Nearly Indestructible Work Tablet

If your job means being outside in the harshest weather conditions, and you need a tablet that can survive drops that would kill other devices, one that can be used while wearing work gloves or even when the screen is wet, then you might want to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. It was made for just that.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2: For Those Who Need a Nearly Indestructible Work Tablet

Made to handle working conditions in the harshest environments without faltering, the IP68 Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 combines a rugged build with optional LTE connectivity so that you can conduct business from anywhere.

If you work in agriculture, shipping, public utilities, or any other job that frequently sees bad weather or working conditions, then you already know that most tablets (and phones) can’t hack that type of work environment.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 features include:

  • Ruggedized S Pen: An IP68-certified water and dust resistant S Pen provides high precision in tough environments, including use on a wet display and alternate access to the tablet when wearing gloves.
  • LTE-Enabled: An LTE version lets workers in the field stay connected while mobile.
  • Replaceable Battery: Batteries are replaceable through a removable back panel, so that fully-charged backup batteries can be available and easily inserted, keeping productivity flowing.
  • Convenient Charging/Data Transfer: Pogo pins on the side of the tablet enable convenient charging, offering high durability for docking a device or multiple units[3].
  • High-Resolution Camera: A 5MP front camera and 8MP autofocus rear camera delivers high-quality photos and scanning when capturing work photos or barcodes.
  • Fast Access: Enhanced touch sensitivity lets users access touchscreen features while wearing gloves, while facial recognition allows fast device access using biometrics.

The Tab Active2 comes with the “Samsung Knox defense-grade security platform enabling IT administrators to customize the device for company purposes, providing employees access to just the apps required for business use. Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (eFOTA) allows testing before deployments, so enterprises have control over OS versions on employee devices.”

There is even a fleet of business apps out there made to take advantage of the rugged tablet’s capabilities. Some of them include:

  • Fleet Management: The Tab Active2 can help address challenges for the trucking industry when combined with solutions such asOmnitracs XRS fleet management software. This lets drivers use the device to digitally monitor hours of service (HOS) logs while on and off duty, to comply with federally mandated electronic logging requirements.
  • Fast Scanning for RetailCombining Scandit’s mobile data capture platform with the Tab Active2 enables retail workers at a rainy loading dock to refrigerated stock room to use the device to rapidly scan multiple barcodes at once.
  • Asset Management in the Field: In combination with a powerful asset management application, Tab Active2 lets workers in the field manage inventories, schedule maintenance and oversee assets digitally. For more information on this solution, visit here.

If you’re concerned about how you’ll make the tablet fit in with your existing work needs, there are accessories available to help — everything from “professional-grade vehicle mounting options for commercial fleets and emergency responders, portable barcode scanning equipment for retailers, hand straps for one-hand operation in factory environments, and rugged portable keyboards.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2: For Those Who Need a Nearly Indestructible Work Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 has an 8″ display, a 1.6GHz Octa Core processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB internal memory (you can add a microSD card for more memory), an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 5-megapixel front camera, a user replaceable 4,450 mAh battery, and it is unlocked.

If you need the ruggedness and special features offered by a tablet such as this, you should check it out.

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