Distil Union Wally Bifold RFID Edition Is the Slim, Secure Wallet You’ll Love

Raina loves the Distil Union Wally Agent wallet I reviewed some time ago. I love my Distil Union Wally Bifold; I reviewed the first release and then reviewed the updated version. Now the company has released a third edition of the Wally Bifold. It’s better and more secure than ever.

The second edition of the Wally Bifold is a great wallet. I’ve used it daily since reviewing it last May. It is a slim wallet that has a built-in money clip. The card pockets on either side of the wallet were unique. They had a special pull tab that allowed you to easily pull the cards held within the pocket out for easy access.

Our signature move: Like a pop-up book for us grown-ups, Wally Pull-Tab lifts your cards for easy access. We use grosgrain ribbon for its durability and surprisingly satisfying zzzzzip when you pull it.

Better still, the pull tabs on each side had a different color so you could, for example, know that credit cards were in the pocket with the black pull tab while driver’s license and healthcare cards could be kept in the pocket with the red pull tab.

As I wrote in that review,

Pull tabs push the cards up and out of the wallet for easy access. The company refers to these as Wally Pull-Tabs. I simply call them awesome. I Love this feature as it ensures that cards are hidden away but easy to access. And, if you want to apply some “wallet strategery” you will keep your most frequently used cards on the outside of each pocket for even easier access.

The second edition of the wallet added a great feature that Distil Union refers to as Flex-Lock technology. This technology adds a bit of spring to the pockets that allowed the pocket to clamp down on the cards just enough to hold them in place. When you want to pull the cards out you either pull on the pull tab or putting a bit of pressure on both sides of the pocket to force the spring open. It was a great addition to the wallet and made it even better than the original.

You can read all about the wallet in my review so I won’t go through everything here. Check it out.

The third edition of the wallet builds further upon a terrific wallet in two ways.

Optional RFID-Shielding for protection and peace of mind. The RFID Edition features two interior slots for quick access to your ID card, and convenient use of any “tap and go” card without removing it from your wallet.

Distil Union added two interior slots inside the wallet. This lets you keep the two cards you use most frequently within reach. It’s a small change but one that makes a huge difference. In my case, it means I can keep my main credit card and drivers license handy at all times.

Also, Distil Union added RFID blocking into the card pockets. I’ve become increasingly worried about thieves with mobile scanners stealing information from my cards and had purchased RFID-blocking cards that I carried in the Wall Bifold. They got the job done but meant I had the weight and built of two additional cards with me at all times. The addition of built-in RFID blocking means I no longer need to carry those special cards. It means a thinner wallet AND peace of mind. I’m a fan.


  • Capacity: 12 cards + 30 or more bills
  • RFID Capacity: 14 cards + 30 or more bills
  • Unlike other leather wallets that stretch over time, your cards stay securely inside Wally’s patent-pending FlexLock pockets
  • Access cards with Wally Pull-Tab™ – push cards in to retract the tab
  • No matter how much or little you carry, your four most frequently used cards are always right at your fingertips
  • Lift and turn the interior money-clip for adjustable tension
  • Rich full-grain leather, skilled craftsmanship, and 1-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 2.9” tall x 4.2” wide x 0.3” thin (74 x 108 x 6.5mm)
  • Currency: Optimized for U.S. bills (and those up to 2.6″ or 67mm)

The original Wally Bifold was a great wallet. The second edition of made it even better. This third iteration takes everything I love about this everyday carry and adds convenience and security. It is a great wallet and, at under $60 for a quality leather wallet, is nicely priced. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Wally Bifold RFID Edition

What I Like: Keeps everything I love about the Wally Bifold and adds convenient cards slots and RFID blocking

What Needs Improvement: I thought the last version was great and couldn’t be improved upon so I have no idea what they will do next

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