Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

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Setting Up the Modius Headset

To use the Modius headset, once you’ve got it placed properly on your head, you turn the headset on by pressing the power button for two seconds; a high-pitched beep will sound, and the LED will flash. Now you need to turn on the Modius app, which is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

Once you’re in the app, you’ll need to create an account and give it some basic information.

Next, the app will walk you through putting the device on for the first time …

Now the app is going to find your Modius headset and get connected.

Now, you’ll use the Modius app to adjust the power up or down; when you feel a gentle rocking sensation, you should stop increasing the power.

Popups will let you know what you can do with the app …

And you’ll be on your way to starting your first session.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary


It’s recommended that you use the Modius headset for 45 minutes per day, but for no longer than one hour. I plan to use it until the timer runs out each time.

When you are done using your Modius headset, you’ll switch it off by pressing the power button again for two seconds (you’ll hear a low-pitched beep). Throw the gel pads away, and then charge the Modius so it will be ready for your next session.

The Science Behind the Modius Headset

How can wearing a headset with electrodes trick your body into losing weight? I mean, this is crazy, right? Again, science.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

Modius says:

In summary, it appears that the central melanocortin system interprets activation of the medial vestibular nucleus (by horizontal movements stimulating the utricle) to indicate a state of increased physical activity. In such a state of apparent increased activity, it is optimal, from an energy conservation point of view, for the body to have a leaner composition, in order to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure from carrying around excess fat.

Given its described connections to both sides of the autonomic nervous system, the medial vestibular nucleus is well placed to reduce total body fat.

Thus, vestibular stimulation (such as that delivered by Modius), when repeatedly administered over time, causes recurrent activation of the medial vestibular nucleus, which we believe is taken by the central melanocortin system to indicate a state of chronically increased physical activity.

When this happens, the body naturally shifts towards a physically leaner state.

That’s the device, how you put it on, and how you work it … but, will it work?

That’s what I set out to learn …

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