Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

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Week Six with the Modius Headset

March 5: Modius released a major app update in the last week or so — the new UI looks fresh, and it is still easy to navigate. One thing I have noticed is that the Modius headset never shows as fully charged in the app (it didn’t in the previous app version, either), although the light has turned off — which on the device indicates it is fully charged. Evidently, this is a known issue; maybe the next app update will fix it.

Here’s some good news — I have dropped a couple of pounds (maybe it’s just water weight?), but oddly enough my fat percentage has jumped. I’m on the tail-end of a cold (or possibly a touch of the flu), so it’s also possible that I’m a touch dehydrated, although I’m trying to stay hydrated. We’ll see. Realizing that I am getting that number from a scale (albeit a fab one), and I have no idea how accurate it really is, I don’t know how much stock to put in the number — it goes up and down every day. We’ll see what it says tomorrow, in other words.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

I haven’t yet lost any inches on my waist (29″) or my hips (40″), but we’ll see what happens in the next couple weeks. Again, I wish that my weight and fat percentage could auto-propagate from Apple Health — I don’t always remember to fill them out, and that’s why there aren’t more regular entries. I still also wish that I could enter my hip measurements in the app.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

Look at my time to fall asleep stats, though — totally impressive. Insomnia is not an issue for me anymore. For that reason alone, I’d recommend the Modius headset.

Here’s another weird thing I’m noticing on top of the sleep benefits: my stress levels are way down.

Let me explain. As I said, I’ve been dealing with a cold or mild case of the flu. Today, after being in bed for much of the day, I got a call that Kev’s car had broken down in Abilene (about 2 hours away), and he needed me to come get him. No problem. I was feeling well enough to go, so I did. I got there, we had dinner, and on our way back, I found out that my mother had been re-admitted in the hospital. Kev and I drove to San Angelo to see her, and I was able to take care of my mom’s needs. But rather than having a slight freak-out about any of it (including the fact that I probably should have still been in bed or that I feel like I am behind on everything), I took it all in stride.

You all need to know that this is not like me.

I’m Type-A, I need to be in control, and when curve-balls get thrown, I freak out — even if only for a moment. There was none of that. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that things that I would usually stress over aren’t getting to me like they usually would, but this was the first concrete example I could cite.

Is it the Modius headset? I have no idea. But nothing else has changed.


March 8: I refuse to read too much into it or get too excited yet, but my weight seems to still be on a downward trend. Recall that I was 149.7 when I started, so I’m down exactly 2 pounds. Hmm, I just realized that I messed up and got off my scale too quickly — my fat percentage wasn’t recorded. We’ll catch it in the next post … and we’ll see if my weight is holding steady or if it creeps back up again. I’ll believe something is seriously kicking in if the scale hits 146, but again — this could be my usual water fluctuations.Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary


Week Seven with the Modius Headset

March 17: I was telling my mother about the phenomenal sleep I get with the Modius headset and how I seem to be managing stress better, and now she wants one (she also suffers from terrible insomnia). I’m not sure that she would be a good candidate, though. I mean, You have to make sure that you get the pads placed just right, and she is not the best with technology. However, I know she would really love the better sleep. Hopefully, if she does decide to buy one, I can get her set up so that she feels confident using it.

In other news, my weight bounced back up a bit,  BUT my fat percentage went down. And get this! My waist is now 28 (down from 29), and my hips are 39 (down from 40)! Bear in mind that I have purposefully not changed the way I eat or exercise. If I had started a new diet or workout program, I would have likely seen much better changes to my weight and fat percentage.

Can Using the Modius Headset Honestly Benefit Your Health? This Is My 8-Week Diary

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