Cairn XL Smart Lantern with Power Bank Review

I love being able to have lighting options off of the grid, both for piece of mind during an emergency and also during my outdoor adventures. The Cairn XL Smart Lantern ($99) brings quality, phone connectivity, and spare power in a  well designed, water and dust proof package. This light excels in all categories. Let’s take a look! 

The Cairn XL Smart Lantern is the most powerful lighting option in the company’s offerings. With 350 lumens and the ability to choose any color, the light is perfect for that stormy night or lighting up your base camp. It sports 250 hours of run time, and up to four mobile device charges. You can also connect the light to your phone using the Lander app.

Cairn XL Smart Lantern with Power Bank Review

The light comes in at 3.5″ square and is 1.75″ thick. First thing I noticed about the light is that it is hefty and well made. It just feels solid in the hand. On one side of the light is the power button. Press the power button once and the light turns on. Press it twice and the light changes to the previously chosen color. Press three times and the light blinks. Long press the button to control the dimming of the light. Even if you have no phone, these options are easy to use.

Cairn XL Smart Lantern with Power Bank Review

On the other side of the light you will find a sealed cover keeping the connector ports water and dust free. The micro USB port is for charging the light and the standard USB port is for charging your mobile device. There is also a light indicator located below the ports.

Cairn XL Smart Lantern with Power Bank Review

I am including the Lander App video to show how the connectivity features work. Their video does a great job of showing exactly how the app works in conjunction with the light. I love the ability to change colors on the light since I never use a white light when arriving at my deer blind when I hike in. Red or green is not as visible to animals, and it allows for your eyes to readjust to the dark quicker. The proximity settings are amazing. The light actually dims as you walk away and gets brighter as you return. This extends the battery life greatly.

Cairn XL Smart Lantern with Power Bank Review

While pricey, the Cairn XL Smart Lantern + Power Bank, is a well made light full of features. The light itself is bright, rugged, and battery lasts a long time. Using the free Lander app, the light and colors can be controlled and proximity features are available. At 35o lumens, the lantern will easily light a room or tent and the dimming features give users the option to use in any situation. The ability to charge my phone during a power outage or while in the outdoors really sets this apart from any of the other lanterns I have reviewed. This is a great option for anyone who is interested in wireless lighting.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Rugged and full of features. This lantern will go with me every time I am in the outdoors

What can be improved: Some may find the lantern to be too expensive


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