Novoo AC Power Bank Will Keep Your Devices Going All Day Long

The Novoo AC Power Bank would be a fantastic sidekick for any technology-obsessed traveler who needs juice at all times. With its multiple power output options and huge battery capacity, the Novoo power bank makes it easy to keep all of your devices charged while on the go.

At 20,100mAh, the battery capacity of the Novoo AC Power Bank is staggering. That’s enough juice to charge an iPhone X over SEVEN TIMES. You also have three options for recharging your devices. You can recharge your devices using the standard AC outlet, the USB-A jack, as well as the USB-C jack.

Basically, you can recharge almost any device out there on the market today. You can also charge up to three devices at one time. With an AC output of 70W, Novoo’s AC Power Bank is powerful enough to charge a standard laptop. The USB-A jack is a Quick Charge USB 3.0, which allows for fast charging.

The power bank comes with an AC adapter that allows you to charge the power bank itself via a separate input jack.  It does not come with any USB cables, though unfortunately.  There are LED lights on the side of the power bank that show you how much juice is left in the battery.

Here are just a few ways you can use the Novoo AC Power Bank:

  • Put it in your car’s cup holder and charge your phone with USB while your kid keeps their Nintendo switch charged with the AC outlet (or vice-versa). And still have a USB-C charger to spare.
  • Extend life on your drone.
  • Make sure your camera doesn’t die in the Amazon before you snap a pic of a bird hitching a ride on a capybara.
  • Keep your phone charged for a week of camping.
  • No need to look for a seat next to an outlet of a coffee shop – finally use your laptop on the café patio
  • Save the day when the Bluetooth speakers run out.
  • Save the day by bringing an entire AC powered speaker system beach.
  • Portable disco ball in the park at night.

The Power Bank is rated at 72.36Wh, which means that you’ll be allowed to take it on an airplane in the US, according to the TSA. TSA’s limit for lithium-ion batteries is 100Wh. Even if you wanted to take it in your carry-on luggage, the power bank isn’t terribly huge, at 80mm x 80mm x 155mm and weighs about 2.12 pounds. At only slightly larger than a can of soda, Novoo’s AC Power Bank is easily taken with you in the car, train, or airplane.

In our testing, I found that the Novoo AC Power Bank charged my devices quickly and reliably, plus it took a long time before I needed to recharge the power bank itself due to the huge capacity. The size of the power bank is convenient, although slightly heavy for daily use. If you’re traveling a long distance and battery power is important, however, Novoo’s AC Power Bank is a great choice. My family took it with us to The Bahamas and it fit perfectly in our carry-on luggage and did not add too much weight to our backs.

The Novoo AC Power Bank with 20,100mAh capacity is available for $84.99 (or less) at Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: The Novoo AC Power Bank was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Huge capacity; Multiple output options; Small size for the capacity; Nice design

What Needs Improvement: Slight reduction in the size and weight would be an improvement; Doesn’t come with any USB cables

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