Lagos Smart Caviar Apple Watch Bands Are on a Whole ‘Nother Level

It’s pretty common to get an Apple Watch and immediately wish that it had a more fashionable band. What’s not so common is to have a major jewelry manufacturer say, “Don’t worry; I’ve got you,” but that’s exactly what Lagos has done. Lagos Smart Caviar is a collection of precious metal and diamond bands for your Apple Watch.

Available exclusively from Bloomingdale’s in sterling silver, sterling silver with 18K gold, and sterling silver with diamond pavé; these Apple Watch bands elevate the ubiquitous smartwatch into the realm of fine jewelry. All four models are made to work with either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch cases, and they are compatible with Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Let’s take a look!

Sterling Silver Smart Caviar Apple Smartwatch Strap

Made of sterling silver, this $950 watchband has a double button wide clasp closure with the Lagos logo.

18K Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Smart Caviar Apple Smartwatch Strap

If you prefer to mix your metals, this $3,500 sterling silver and 18K gold Lagos Smart Caviar watchband is for you.

Sterling Silver Smart Caviar Diamond Four-Bar Apple Smartwatch Strap 

If a bit of bling is more your style, then you’ll want this $5,000 sterling silver and diamond four-bar Apple Watch band. Bloomingdale’s notes that “almost all gemstones and blue and black diamonds have been treated to enhance their beauty and require special care.”

Sterling Silver Smart Caviar Diamond Apple Smartwatch Strap

If you’re not one to go halfway, then the sterling silver and full pavé diamond Smart Caviar band should do it for you. Prepare to bring your black card, however, as this band sells for $8,500.

Some things worth noting: Even though you might be tempted to wear your Lagos Smart Caviar watchband a bit more loosely on the wrist, the Apple Watch needs contact with your skin to properly do all of its health monitoring magic. So with that in mind, the watch bracelet should fit close to your wrist. Lagos includes a sizing tool and extra link with each watch so that you can lengthen or shorten the bracelet; if you need more links, you can get them. An extra sterling silver link costs $80, a sterling silver and 18K gold link costs $295, and an extra sterling silver and diamond pavé link costs $700.


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