Neato App Update Allows You to Fully Control Which Area of Your Home Gets Cleaned

Neato is known for their awesome robot vacuums including the Botvac D7 Connected — the best way of cleaning up behind yourself regardless of where you are — courtesy of a companion app. With a new software update released today, the Botvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum gets even smarter.

Neato App Update Allows You to Fully Control Which Area of Your Home Gets Cleaned

As of today, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected gains a ZONE CLEANING feature, which goes above and beyond your typical floor cleaning, all while giving users full control of the areas that they need to be cleaned. So imagine if you have cables laying on the floor in a particular part of your home, an entryway that may not need the cleaning or a room that’s off-limits; the new Zone Cleaning update can let users schedule cleanings to focus on the particular locations you designated, or it can be programmed to totally avoid them. This feature will come in handy either way.

Neato App Update Allows You to Fully Control Which Area of Your Home Gets Cleaned
Since Neato’s Robot Vacuums include LaserSmart mapping and navigation technologies, the Neato D7 will scan and map your rooms accordingly, and it will plan the most efficient course to cleaning it. As someone who’s tried other robot vacuums in the past, I’ve had some lose their charge and die in the middle of the room or had others return to their charger after continuously circling back and forth over the same spot. Weird activity like this is no longer an issue with the D7, as users can now create their floor plan from within the app, drawing and labeling these “zones.” So as of today, Zone Cleaning will allow you to do the following, per Neato:

• Create zones on your floor that make the most sense for your life, be it an entire room or just a trouble area.
• Name zones using a list of pre-determined labels or create custom zone names.
• Make multiple, overlapping zones in a single floor plan. Zones can be placed in any way that works for your lifestyle and your home.
• Add No-Go Lines to any zone, creating off-limits areas in any area or room of your home
• Deploy Zone Cleaning across multiple floor-plans, pinpointing zones for a more efficient clean, controlled on-demand or scheduled via the Neato app.

The feature is available right now for the Neato Botvac D7 Connected robot vac through the version 2.8.0 software update. If you don’t have a Botvac D7, you can purchase one for $799.

For more information, head over to Neato’s Site today. 

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