6 Technologies for Wine Lovers

Every wine aficionado waits patiently to drink that glass of Cabernet they’ve been saving for years, or takes longer perusing the wine menu than the food menu at dinner. Drinking a delightful glass of wine is a whole experience that involves multiple senses.

However, you can take your wine-drinking expertise to the next level with specific technologies such as the perfect cooler or buying your wine through an app. Here are six innovations every wine lover will appreciate.

1. The Edgar Wine Butler

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers


The Edgar Wine Butler is the size of a mini-fridge and is the first automatic wine-by-the-glass dispenser. Edgar can pour three standard types of on-demand wine at their perfect serving temperature. It can even preserve the integrity of the wine for eight weeks after opening, thanks to its high-tech packaging.

The machine’s software is a proprietary system that uses a “dialogue” among the wine packs, the machine and the server. Currently, MyWah — the company that manufactured Edgar — is targeting restaurants and consumer applications, so it might be a few years before you can add one to your kitchen.

2. Buying With an App

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers

Apple Store

Do you head to your local wine store when it’s time for a new bottle? Your local vineyard? The way you purchase wine is getting an upgrade with the Vivino app.

You can scan a bottle you try at a restaurant, purchase it through the app and arrange to have it delivered to your home. The entire process takes under a minute, and you get the same wines you love at a restaurant to enjoy again in the comfort of your home.

3. AR Experiences

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers

Apple Store

Carhartt Vineyard, a family-owned business, recently launched the “Carhartt Vineyard AR.” It’s the first wine augmented reality experience in the Santa Ynez Valley in California.

After Carhartt’s winemakers ferment their wines with sugar, yeast, alcohol and CO2, they age them anywhere from six months to two years. Then it ends up in Carhartt Vineyard’s tasting room, which people can experience through the AR app.

You see a realistic 3-D model of Carhartt’s 2015 Estate Sangiovese bottle, and you can explore icons to learn more about the bottle and the history of the vineyard itself.

4. Coravin Wine Preservation System

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers


If you’re serious about both collecting and drinking wine, Coravin can help. It’s more than a wine opener — it’s a “wine access” system that uses a medical-grade needle. The needle pierces the cork, letting you pour a glass of your favorite Moscato without disturbing the cork.

You can have one glass today and another one years from now, thanks to Coravin. They continue to make improvements, including a faster pour and a more secure fit on your wine bottles.

5. Cooper Cooler

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers

Cooper Cooler

If you love chilled wines, the Cooper Cooler is a must. It works for both wine and beer and gives you a rapid cool-down without using the freezer. Fill the cooler with ice and water, then choose on-demand cooling if you want your wine bottle to chill rapidly.

The Cooper Cooler will rotate your bottle over the ice bath and chill your wine in about six minutes. It’s great for parties when you forget to put that chilled bottle in the refrigerator the night before.

6. Peugeot Clef du Vin “Travel” Wine Tool

6 Technologies for Wine Lovers


The technology in this tool is less about machinery and more about science. The Peugeot Clef du Vin “Travel” Wine Tool can help age your wine without making you wait for years. The tool’s combination of metal reacts with your wine to start the oxidation process and bring out specific flavors in your red or white wine. Every second the metal alloy disk touches your wine, it ages by the equivalent of one year.

Upgrade Your Wine Experience

Wine is already delicious, but these tools can help enhance your experience, whether it’s aging your wine or keeping it cool. Try one of these six technologies today to take your wine drinking and buying process to the next level.

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