The Bryte Bed: Just Don’t Call It a Mattress

When it comes down to getting a better nights sleep, there are more elements than the position you sleep in. Plenty of companies promise to give you better rest, but how many of them have the luxury of Artificial Intelligence to assist in that effort? That’s where BRYTE wants to improve your sleep.

The Bryte Bed: Just Don't Call It a Mattress

Based in Silicon Valley, BRYTE Labs is a direct-to-consumer brand that’s sleep technology is built to reunite you the user with your sleep. Chances are when you’re in bed, you’re on your smartphones and tablets, potentially losing out on much-needed rest, so it’s interesting that the company plans on using digital technology in the form of AI to reunite you with proper sleep. The BRYTE bed was developed by John Tompane, with whom I discussed the idea of taking something such as bedding and improving on a product that hasn’t really changed in ages. Inspired by a friends story of their wife’s constant struggles with sleep due to multiple back surgeries John, his brother, and a good friend went to work developing what’s now simply considered the BRYTE Bed.

“Everyone’s sleep needs are unique and change throughout the night, the year, and over multiple years, and yet nothing on the market addresses this. Now is the time to meet this huge need by integrating AI, sleep science, and the latest bed technologies into a totally new sleep experience,” said BRYTE CEO John Tompane. “We are reinventing how we sleep with the revolutionary BRYTE Bed platform. Like Tesla, Apple, and Nest, we reimagined an everyday, taken-for-granted, commodity into an entirely new platform — transforming it into a seamless, intuitive experience that will have a meaningful impact on the industry, people’s sleep, and their lives.”

The average human sleeps roughly 6.5 hours per night, however, did you know that 60% of people have a higher risk of injury when they get less than that? Neither did I, until I had the opportunity to check out the BRYTE Bed, which has been described as the world’s first self-learning bed. Featuring up to 100 active coils, dual sides, a heating and cooling system, complete room integration and a meditative wave. Combined with the artificial intelligence of AIDEN, BRYTE’s personal sleep concierge, your bed will learn your preferences as you sleep, without needing additional gadgets dangling from your bed in order to figure out your sleeping patterns.

“Machine learning and sleep science form the heart of AIDEN,” said Jonathan Farringdon, CTO, co-founder of BRYTE and leading industry expert in artificial intelligence and data science. “Our close collaboration with Prof. Walker has resulted in proprietary learning algorithms that are grounded in the latest sleep science research. At scale, we believe our novel approach will enable insights and breakthroughs in sleep quality that haven’t been possible before.”

The Bryte Bed starts at $5950 with a monthly subscription of $15 for the Sleep Concierge Service. If you’d like more information about their beds, you can visit

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  1. I’m confused about the concierge service. I have a sleep Number bed that appears to do much of this for free? What are they offering that is worth an extra payment every month?

  2. Nancy Richardson | January 30, 2019 at 12:28 am |

    Hi Judie. Great question! Our basic service is free which provides automatic bed preparation, bed adjustments while you sleep, and a wake assist feature. The $15 per month subscription is for the Concierge Sleep Service which is an advanced service, driven by artificial intelligence, that manages your entire sleep experience and learns and improves night after night. It learns your preferences for bed temperature, support, lighting, and room temperature. Based on how you sleep each night, your bed will make incremental adjustments for you until you experience the perfect sleep. You will also receive your personal sleep data, trends, and insights with sleep expert advice and tips. But one of my favorite things about the Sleep Concierge Service is it includes new features and bed updates which means that as our engineers make improvements to the Bryte Bed and App experiences, all you have to do is update your app and your bed will have the new features. In summary, the $15 per month subscription includes all of this as well as ongoing future updates and enhancements to your sleep experience, which makes the Bryte Bed the only bed on the planet that gets better over time. 🙂 -Nancy at BRYTE

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