[FUSE]chicken Universal All-In-One Travel Charger Is Everything You Need on the Go

I have two gear pouches, a small one for every day and a large one for travel. Each carries an external battery and a wall adapter for charging. Thanks to the [FUSE]chicken Universal All-In-One Travel Charger, I can swap the two gadgets for a single one, as this is a wall adapter and a Qi charging battery.

The charger has an MSRP of $84.95. That may sound pricey — after all, you can get a wall adapter for under $10 and an external battery for not much more than that — but when you look at what it offers, you’ll see it is worth the price.

The company has this to say about the product:

Life should be about the journey, not reaching your destination before you need a charge. UNIVERSAL is your all-in-one charger no matter where life takes you. Use the built-in powerbank or included world travel adapters to plug in and charge anywhere with USB-A, USB Type-C, or wireless charging.

Let’s parse our the various features this seemingly simple accessory offers.

The [FUSE]chicken Universal All-In-One Travel Charger is a fantastic charger that is ready to power your devices no matter where the journey may take you. It ships with four different swappable wall plugs including US, EU, UK and AU adapters.

The charger’s design is reminiscent of Apple adapters that have a removable 110v wall plug. (Unlike Apple’s adapters however, this wall adapter has a lovely soft-touch coating.)

For example, while in the US I would use the 110v plug and then, upon arriving in Israel, I would swap it out for the two plug 220v wall plug. It is that simple. The company even includes a travel pouch so you won’t lose the wall adapters you aren’t using.

The flat side opposite from the wall adapters has a small LCD screen for indicating how much charge remains, a power button and both USB-A and USB-C ports. Each of the two ports has an output of 5V and 2.4A so you will always get speedy recharges on the go.

On their own, the swappable world adapters would make this a good product for those who travel frequently. That, however, is just one half of the story.

The [FUSE]chicken Universal All-In-One Travel Charger has a 6700mAh battery built into it. That means you can recharge your devices on the go. Just plug a cable into either the USB-C or USB-A port, press the on/off button, and you are good to go. Sure, my other external batteries offer more charge per use. And sure, my other external batteries can be used to power my MacBook Pro. But this external battery is smaller and lighter than either of them, and it replaces my battery and wall adapter.

But wait… there’s more!

The charger also has a Qi wireless charger built into it.

Lay the charger on its side, press the On/Off button and place any device the is Qi wireless charging enabled on top and, thanks to 10W wireless fast charging, watch your device get topped off.


  • 6700mAh Powerbank
  • US, EU, UK, AU Travel Adapters
  • Wireless Fast Charge for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  • USB-A and USB-C for multi-device compatibility
  • 18W output

So one accessory offers a universal wall adapter, a portable external battery and a Qi wireless charger. It delivers a total of 18W of power. This one, small accessory will make your load far lighter and the convenience of having one device for walled, cabled, and wireless charging will help you keep things neat and organized. I love this $84.95 accessory, and it has found a place in my daily gear bag. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Small; Soft-touch material covering it; Includes four different world adapters; Has both USB-A and USB-C ports; Has a 6700mAh battery for charging while away from an outlet; Includes Qi wireless charging

What Needs Improvement: Nothing although I suspect some people will hesitate due to the price

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