Join the Krewe with New Sunglasses Ahead of the Summer Season

Now that the weather has finally broken, not only is it time for Spring cleaning, it’s time to get yourself some new gear for the warm weather. So before you go out purchasing new shoes and sundresses, get yourself a pair of sunglasses from a brand by the name of Krewe.

Join the Krewe with New Sunglasses Ahead of the Summer Season

Krewe is an independent eyewear company based out of New Orleans that’s entire stance is giving wearers their own individual style through frames inspired by the culture. Aside from that, this brand is one of the few companies that offer a LIFETIME warranty that they stand behind (seriously) by replacing your broken glasses, no questions asked. They sent myself and my wife a pair of glasses and I absolutely love mine (outside of the fact I’ve all but beat up the sunglass case that came with them).

My wife received the Breton Black + Interstellar 24k glasses which at checkout will cost you $275.

I, however, went with the Earheart model in Matte Black +24k Titanium which online goes for $295. Now that’s a bit of sticker shock there but hear me out. On top of the lifetime warranty and free shipping and returns, the Breton glasses look amazing, are available in five different colorways, and are super lightweight (according to my wife). Made of Mercury gradient lens, the glasses themselves are each handcrafted, acetate frames that offer up UVA/UVB protection.

Join the Krewe with New Sunglasses Ahead of the Summer Season

The company doesn’t just offer up sunglasses but they have a series of optical glasses should you need them around the same price. Chances are you might see your favorite celebrity rocking a pair of Krewe glasses, but you can certainly count on the fact that you’ll stand apart from folks on vacation wearing those traditional 3 for $15 gift shop glasses if you go with Krewe. So why wait? Head over to their site today for more information. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Free shipping and returns, and LIFETIME warranty; lightweight and look fantastic

What Need Improvement: Sticker shock is a real thing with these glasses; Carrying case looks terrible when dinged up

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