The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

In my review of the awesome Vari ProPlus 30 Electric sit-stand converter, I noted the company includes one of their Power Hubs with the purchase. (Read my review.) It gives you three AC outlets and two USB ports. I also noted that the Vari Power Hub, which is also available as a standalone product for $50, deserves its own review. Here’s why.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

Despite the growing presence of wireless charging in current devices we still need access to AC outlets and USB ports. Sure, there are plenty of options available but the most common approach, AC power strips, remain largely unchanged. They get the job done, and there are new versions available that include USB ports and, in some cases, even work with Alexa or Google Assistant, but power strips remain a cumbersome solution.

One question, of course, is where you put the power strip. If you place it on the floor it, in too many cases, adds to the clutter of wire that sits under many of our desks. Or you can, as I often choose to do, find a way to secure it beneath your desk, but accessing the power strip when you do quickly becomes an inconvenience. The Vari Power Hub is a power strip that solves these issues.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

The Power Hub has three AC outlets and two USB-A ports.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

What makes the Power Hub stand out is the clamp that allows you to secure it to your desk. No tools are required to secure it to the edge of your desk, and it can be repositioned within seconds.

As the company explains:

POWER WHERE YOU NEED IT: You can stop hunting for outlets and dragging cords to your desk. The Power Hub is a simple way to charge all your devices and power on all your electronics in one place. Plug the Power Hub into a grounded outlet, clamp it to the edge of your desk or table, tighten, and you’re ready to work. Cords, cables, and desktops stay organized by having everything plugged into one place and you can easily plug in your phone, laptop, tablet, speakers, and other electronics so everything is right where you need it.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

As noted, the Power Hub has three AC outlets and two USB ports that each deliver 1.5 Amps. Also, the Power Hub includes a surge protector so your valuable devices won’t get fried if there is a power surge.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

I plugged the Power Hub’s 12’ power cord into my wall and then secured the Power Hub’s clamp to my desk. I tried several different positions for the Power Hub and determined the best position was the middle of the right side of my desk. I plugged a cable with a Lightning connector into one of the USB ports and a USC-C cable into the other. Since I rarely need access to them, devices such as my iMac, my printer and my scanner are still plugged into a traditional power strip beneath my desk. That leaves the Power Hub’s AC outlets free, and within easy reach the next time I need to plug something in for a few minutes.

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach



  • Easily clamps to desk
  • 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports (1.5 Amp)
  • 12′ (365.5 cm) power cord
  • Includes a surge protector to safeguard your devices
  • No tools required

The Vari Power Hub Puts Power within Reach

The Vari Power Hub is a simple accessory that puts three AC outlets and two USB ports within easy reach. The clamping system allows it to be secured to most desktops as well as placed in a variety of other locations. The inclusion of the USB ports means you don’t need additional USB power adapters. Sadly, each of the USB ports only delivers 1.4 Amps, but for low-power devices, the USB ports are a terrific addition. I have the Power Hub that came with the Vari ProPlus 36 Electric next to it at work and a second one on the left side of the desk in my home office. In both locations, this simple accessory has already come in handy numerous times.

Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Has long, 12’ cable so you can place it pretty much anywhere; Includes three AC outlets and two USB ports; Includes surge protection; Clamp mounting system lets you attach it along the front, sides, or back surface of most desktops

What Needs Improvement: USB ports only devices 1.4 Amps of power

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