Train Your Brain for Better Sleep with UrgoTech

Many of us have problems either falling or staying asleep at night, and no matter what supplements and drugs that you might, there’s not many natural ways of improving the quality of rest you receive at night, until now. This is there URGONight plans to fix the way you sleep.

Train Your Brain for Better Sleep with UrgoTech

A clinically proven, drug-free method of counting sleep is the first of it’s kind. Developed over four years by French neuroscientists and various sleep experts, the URGONight’s premise is to train your body with neurofeedback therapy by being worn during the daytime to train your body to sleep better at night. Used with a companion app, the URGONight uses exercises to train the brain to produce brainwaves using mental muscle workouts that will help you strengthen your sleep. Using audio and visual cues, this teaches you, the user, to identify and modify your behavior to influence your desired outcome. The company states that this method has been used to manage conditions such as ADHD as well as improving critical thinking and athletic abilities, and is designed to be used for 20 minutes a day for three days a week. Sure, it’s an extra thing to adapt to and another app to download, but seems as if there’s a lot of promise from the URGONight that even it’s founder feels as though it will soon be in every home.

Just as you can train your body to run faster, jump higher, swim further or become more flexible, clinical studies have shown neurofeedback therapy can help people learn how to improve the quality of their sleep,” said Guirec Le Lous, Founder of URGOTECH, the company behind URGONight. “The technology has been used in clinical sleep centers around the world for decades and now with URGONight, we are making it more fun and accessible and conveniently usable in the comfort of the home.

Train Your Brain for Better Sleep with UrgoTech

Currently on presale at Indiegogo for 50% off its expected price ($500), you can back the crowd-sourced for $249 today, and it will ship at the end of the year. Expectations have the URGONight shipping in 2020.

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