JBL’s New Speakers Will Put Your Ears in a Party Mood

JBL has a solid reputation for making some of the best audio products you can buy. For IFA 2019, they’ve unleashed a Pulse update, three new soundbars, and two new LINK Google-Assistant speakers.

JBL Pulse 4

I’ve been a huge fan of the JBL Pulse portable speaker for all of its generations, and the Pulse 4 will be the best yet! Housed inside this sleek vessel is a fantastic speaker that puts out crisp highs and deep bass from all angles with a high-resolution LED light show that can be soothing or energizing — whatever you need, whenever you need it.

You can choose the colors and effects produced to complement whatever vibe you’re going for, and you can use your smartphone to scan objects you’d like to color match for a customized light show — all you’ll need is the free JBL Connect app.

The JBL Pulse 4 boasts a 12-hour battery life, and it’s even IPX7 rated so you never have to worry about taking it along anywhere, in any weather. You can connect up to two smartphones or tablets to it at a time, and if you and your friends have other PartyBoost enabled JBL speakers, you’ll be able to connect them to the Pulse 4 for an even bigger sound.

JBL's New Speakers Will Put Your Ears in a Party Mood

You’ll be able to get your own  JBL Pulse 4 in pristine white or snazzy black (my fave) for £229 and $199.95 (in the U.S.) in the fall.

JBL Soundbars

If you’re still relying on the anemic speakers that came built into your LCD television, it’s time to upgrade that mess! Get one of the new JBL Bars; they’ll give you the immersive and impactful sound that your high-def television deserves. Each of the soundbars is made of premium materials and each feature JBL signature sound.

JBL's New Speakers Will Put Your Ears in a Party Mood

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround

The JBL Bar 5.1 gives movie lovers exactly what they need with a panoramic sound experience with just a slim soundbar and a 10″ wireless subwoofer. Using JBL’s proprietary MultiBeam technology, you can get maximum surround sound  from just those two units with no need for cables or additional speakers. The JBL Bar 5.1 Surround has built-in Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, and Chromecast. With its five full-range drivers and two side-firing tweeters, you’ll get the full movie experience in the comfort of your living room.

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass

Ifr deep bass is what you crave, the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass has got you. It has built-in Dolby Digital and offers 300W of powerful sound in its slim design. When you just want to hear good music through an excellent speaker, you can stream from your tablet or phone via Bluetooth.

JBL Bar 2.0 All In One

If space is an issue, you can still get excellent sound! The compact JBL Bar 2.0 All In One is, as the name implies, an all-in-one soundbar with a built-in bass port. If you want to boost the audio in a bedroom, dorm room, or on a small living room’s TV, the JBL Bar 2.0 All In One is a perfect choice. And yes, you can stream music to it from your phone or tablet, too.

Here’s the info we’ve got for features and pricing:JBL's New Speakers Will Put Your Ears in a Party Mood

JBL LINK Portable

If you’re looking for thumping bass and JBL signature sound in your Google Assistant-enabled speaker, you’ll love the new JBL LINK Portable and the JBL LINK Music. Because life isn’t only about ordering Google to tell you the weather report and answer your question about who won a particular year’s World Series, you’ll appreciate that they also have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and Chromecast built-in.

Both speakers are available in ocean blue, black, grey, sienna brown, yellow, green and straw. I hate that I only have the black one to show you here; I’ll try to update with some pictures of the other colors after I’ve attended their press conference.

JBL's New Speakers Will Put Your Ears in a Party Mood

JBL LINK Portable

You’ll get 8 hours of battery life and full IPX7 waterproofing on this tall boy, so if you want to use it in the bathroom or by the pool, you can. There’s a charging cradle so you don’t have to worry about plugging in when it’s time to recharge — just drop it in and pick it up later.

The JBL LINK Portable Speaker will sell for £139 (149 EUR) and $149.95 in the US.

JBL LINK Music speaker

It may look small, but the JBL LINK Music is mighty! It puts sound out in every direction thanks to its full-range transducer with 360-degree capabilities. This is the affordable yet powerful Google Assistant speaker you’ll want to put sounds throughout your house.

The JBL LINK Music Speaker will sell for £89 (99 EUR) and $99.95 in the US.


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