Nomad’s Ready to Protect Your 2019 iPhone

For the fourth year in a row, Nomad is ready to protect your new iPhone. Many of the cases build on time-tested designs with iterative improvements to already-great cases. Of course, Nomad is also throwing something new into the mix of their new cases for the 2019 iPhones.

Nomad’s iPhone cases have always been impressive. Their use of Horween leather gives the cases a classy and classic look. Their attention to detail makes the cases look and feel like the premium products they are. And their commitment to creating cases that are highly protective without looking like it has made their offerings stand out.

Many of their previous designs have returned for this fourth Nomad iPhone case launch. Design improvements were intentionally iterative with the main focus being placed on offering a “better feel in the hand and user experience.”

In addition to redesigning the cases to accommodate the new camera array, the cases offer adjustments to the feel of the buttons on both sides of the case and reinforced speaker holes. They also added a lanyard anchor point for those people who need that extra bit of security. And, of course, most of the cases use the Horween Leather Nomad has become known for using. The leather looks and feels great right out of the box, and it gets better over time as it gets some bumps and bruises and develops a one-of-a-kind patina.

Nomad is also introducing a new line of Active Leather cases. These new cases use a waterproof leather from the Heinen Tannery in Germany. Nomad chose this leather because it is, as they describe it, “the perfect leather for those in humid environments, or who constantly are getting their cases wet.” The iPhones now offer some degree of waterproofing so it only makes sense to have a case that is as tough as the phone it is supposed to protect.

Nomad’s cases are sized for each of the new 5.8″, 6.1″, and 6.5″ phones.

The new Rugged Case is $49.95 and is available in your choice of black or brown Horween leather.

The new TPU Bumper protects your new iPhone from up to a 6’ drop. It is $69.95 and has the new reinforced speaker ports and lanyard attachment point.

The new Folio Case is $69.95 and available in either black or brown Horween leather. It has three card slots as well as a cash slot so you can leave your wallet at home.

The new Tri Folio is available in either black or brown Horween Leather for an MSRP of $79.95.

It’s great if you want to carry four card slots and two cash slots so you can leave your wallet at home but still have all the cards you need for your next trip. It also has the new reinforced speaker ports and lanyard attachment point.

The $44.95 Nomad Active Leather Rugged Case is made from waterproof Heinen leather. It is available in your choice of black or mocha brown. It has a TPU Bumper that will keep your phone safe in up to a 6-foot drop. Of course, the new case has the same reinforced speaker ports and lanyard attachment point Nomad has introduced.

Nomad makes clear that fact that while the leather is waterproof, the new case is not. This isn’t the case you’ll want to use if you are taking your phone snorkeling. If that’s what you need, there are plenty of active waterproof cases from which to choose. If, however, you want a beautiful, protective case that cocoons your phone and has its own layer of protection so your sweat won’t damage the leather, this is the case for you. As the company explains,

We’ve been testing the leather in cases and AW straps for the past 9 months and are very impressed with how it has held up to use and abuse. Surf trips, running marathons, etc. This stuff looks great!

We love Nomad products, and you will, too; check out their new offerings here.

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