TravelPro’s VersaPack Luggage Gives You a Bit More Space in Your Carry-on

If you easily obsess about the organization of your luggage when traveling, or find yourself needing just a bit more space for an extra pair of clothes, TravelPro’s Crew VersaPack might be worth checking out.

TravelPro’s VersaPack Luggage Gives You a Bit More Space in Your Carry-on

I’ve had the opportunity to check out the Crew VersaPack by TravelPro, most recently on a convention in Los Angeles for just a few days, and it’s helped a great deal. The VersaPack is a carry-on that fits well in a plane’s overhead compartment, and it can hold close to a week’s worth of clothes, all while making it easy to breeze through TSA without complications.

Available in a host of colors, I received the Black model, while my wife opted for the purple. What sets the Crew VersaPack apart from others is its personalization, allowing you an ample amount of pockets to store all of your essentials and even extra items you tend to forget about. Featuring a built-in USB port and dedicated exterior power bank pocket, an exterior padded laptop pocket, and a removable TSA-compliant toiletries bag — the VersaPack Crew is crafted to be a Swiss Army knife of packing the essentials with room for extras.

TravelPro’s VersaPack Luggage Gives You a Bit More Space in Your Carry-on

If you’re the type that tends to throw your house keys in the main compartment of the bag, only to grow frustrated when it’s time to search for them when you get back home, there’s a pocket at the front that will easily house not just keys, but things like a water bottle or more. Behind that there’s a nice laptop compartment that’s padded enough that even if your luggage falls forward, your precious computer will be protected from the fall.

TravelPro’s VersaPack Luggage Gives You a Bit More Space in Your Carry-on

To the left side of the bag is a nifty pocket for things like an external battery pack, or whatever you choose. I tend to keep my wall charger in this pocket so it’s easily found whenever I can find an available outlet in the terminal.

On the inside of the bag, there are a variety of organizational pockets already, but you can purchase optional Zip-In-Organizers (they do not come with the luggage), that attach to sections of the VersaPack. So, for instance, if you have dirty clothes, the laundry organizer will keep the clean clothes completely separated from the dirty. There’s an all-in-one organizer that is great for not just clothes but for toiletries as well. There’s nothing worse than getting back home only to find out that the shampoo leaked in your luggage, and now all of your gifts are now ruined.

TravelPro’s VersaPack Luggage Gives You a Bit More Space in Your Carry-on

The bag I received goes up to 23 inches in height, and 15.5 inches in width, which is great for a domestic flight for 4-7 days, but there’s a smaller “global” version that’s compliant with most airlines. The four-stop, height-adjustable PowerScope Handle allows you to travel and maneuver at any height as well.

If there was one thing I would change about the bag, it would be the wheels. The wheels are a bit thin and smooth, which has led me to having to chase it down when getting out of an Uber at airports since the wheels don’t have enough grip to stay put. This might be great for breezing through the airport courtesy of the PrecisionGlide system, they only slightly miss the mark when using on sidewalks and uneven surfaces.

Overall, however, TravelPro’s latest collection is its best yet, and while I haven’t traveled that much since receiving it, the trip that I have been on went smoothly. I even freed myself of some of the items I’d typically have in my backpack by tossing a lot of those into the pockets both inside and outside of the bag.

If you are interested in checking out the Crew VersaPack, head over to TravelPro’s website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Plenty of storage and versatile enough to work with various airlines; A bit wider than your typical luggage

What Needs Improvement: Wheels are almost too smooth 

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