Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review


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Fresh off the heels of their larger UC3101 air purifier we recently reviewed, Elechomes has released yet another way to clean the airborne all toxins, all while being budget-friendly.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review

Available for $79, the EPI081 Air Purifier by Elechomes is a smaller, more space-efficient product; it is a great companion to indoor plants when you’re trying to create a more sustainable living space, but the EI1081 works incredibly with or without them. HEPA is an industry-standard when it comes to air filters. Most air purifiers work by sucking air in, through the filter, and out the other side, creating cleaner air in your home. As someone who tested to be allergic to things like common house dust, the EPI081 is a perfect size to sit in any room and help eliminate flare-ups for allergies.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review

Available only in white, the EPI081 comes complete with three filters which should last you a very long time without needing replacement. If you’ve been a skeptic of air purifiers or the need to have them, the EPI081 may be the one to change your mind, whether you suffer from allergies or even conditions like eczema, it can help. The EPI081 I’ve been testing has stopped me from having that “itchy” feeling I would get periodically prior to using this air purifier.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review

While it doesn’t have a complex setup, and it doesn’t work with Alexa or Siri, it does its one job surprisingly well. The size is perfect for the nightstand I have mine situated on so I can run it mostly when I’m sleeping. The EPI081 manages to do an incredible job of giving me better sleep these days by doing the legwork of eliminating everything from dog hairs from my pet, dust, and various other things from my airspace. Now I just have to buy a few more for the other areas in my home.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review

There are three buttons at the front of the Air Purifier with companion control options highlighted beside each. At the top, you’ll see the power button which obviously serves for turning the device on or off. The middle button is essentially the strength that you want the purifier to work from a more quiet setting to a louder yet stronger setting that will possibly eliminate more toxins faster. Finally, the bottom option is a timer for running without going idle in intervals of 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review

There is also a sleep mode which is perfect for parents who want to make their child’s sleep a bit more peaceful because allergies do not just stop when you close your eyes.

Elechomes EP I081 Air Purifier Review


I think my only real issue with the EPI081 is its lack of an app. Now, this is for sure a first world problem, but I feel like we’re in a time when home appliances should be smart, and they should come with a companion app. The lack of connectivity from virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri is a bit of a damper for me, but that’s my preference; it doesn’t mean that the EPI081 is lacking in terms of usability.

One function that I recently tried was the ability to deodorize my home from scents like a smelly dog after a long day at the dog park, or even when you’ve smoked up your kitchen cooking dinner. While it won’t keep your smoke detector from going off when you’ve burned a dish, the EPI081 manages to help AFTER the fact, with its 3-in-1 filter trapping the odors, which can counter the need to open a window to get the smoke out of your home. I still open a window regardless because my apartment has ventilation issues.

Overall, I absolutely love the Elechomes EPI081 for its small footprint, its ability to assist in ridding my home of unhealthy air, but most importantly because it eliminates annoying pet dander/human hairs that may be floating around, turning them into better air, which is something that no vacuum that I’ve ever seen can do. I just wish there was an app that would allow me to control it.

If you are interested, Elechomes is offering all GearDiary readers 40% off of the EPI081 Air Purifier by using the code ELECHO11 at checkout by visiting this link today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Small in size, great for nightstands, or even sitting on your countertop in your kitchen while cooking; Only $80; Fits all decors

What Needs Improvement: I would love to see an Elechomes app that allows you to control their products and add smart home functionality with virtual assistants

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