Light up Your Closet with Luminook

The light in my laundry room doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it flashes so rapidly I’ve had friends joke it’s like a strobe light. One thing I learned from this is that there’s no really great solution for lighting in odd spaces, which is why Luminook has me so excited!

Light up Your Closet with Luminook

See, Luminook is exactly what I’m looking for to deal with my laundry room that thinks it doubles as a bad club. It’s a powerful strip of LEDs that can be placed around a doorway in a closet or other poorly lit space that aim outwards to light up the whole room. There’s also a door sensor that gets triggered when you open it — that way there’s no light switch or over-sensitive motion sensor controlling the light. Instead, Luminook knows when to light or turn off when the door opens and closes. If your space doesn’t have a door, there’s a motion sensor that responds to a hand wave that also triggers Luminook. Luminook runs off a rechargeable battery, with the expected runtime of roughly a month between charges.

Basically, this is the ideal solution for pantries, closets, and possessed laundry rooms. They are currently raising money via Kickstarter, so be sure to check out their pitch; you can back for as low as $49 to get a 10′ Luminook kit.

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