Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New


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Bodyguardz has long been one of the top-selling makers of screen protectors. Their products, reliability, and warranty put the company at the top of their game. Now, with the introduction of their PRTX line of screen protectors, the company is offering a new take on an important accessory. There are three different “models” in the PRTX line; here’s a look.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

The new PRTX line of screen offer “True peace of mind.” Bodyguardz goes on to say, “The extreme impact and scratch protection of glass without the worry of the screen protector breaking, cracking, or chipping.” In other words, the new screen protectors step back form the tempered glass screen protectors that have been the standard for the last few years. The new materials have a unique, electroplated topcoat that not only provides protection but also offers the look, feel, and touch-sensitivity of a glass screen protector without the possibility of seeing it chip after a few weeks.

But why, when tempered glass screen protectors work so well, would you want to opt for a non-glass solution? Bodyguardz offers a fairly convincing explanation noting,

When glass protectors chip, shatter, or break with impact—the protector is doing its job. The glass takes the hit, not your device. Over time, though, chips, cracks, and shatters can be a nuisance. BodyGuardz solved these problems with a revolutionary new product called PRTX. If your glass protector breaks often, PRTX is the ideal protector for you.

I was sent versions for my iPhone 11, so let’s look at each of the three versions of the PRTX line.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

PRTX Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

First off, there is the PRTX Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11. (It is available for several different devices. Check the product page to see if they have your device covered.)

Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protection: PRTX is a fully synthetic glass screen protector matching the look and feel of glass but will never chip, shatter or pop off the screen.

The PRTX Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11 has an MSRP of $44.95. It has a thin colored border around a clear protector.

As Bodyguardz explains:

The electroplated, hardened topcoat of PRTX looks, feels, and protects like glass with 8H hardness to prevent scratches. The middle layer is a blended formula of acrylic and PET that takes the impact but flexes and bends to prevent shattering. The absorbent adhesive layer covers the entire surface to avoid stylus glitches or loss of touch sensitivity.

It features:

  • Tempered Glass
  • Shatterproof synthetic glass
  • Edge-to-edge coverage
  • Anti smudge
  • Perfect touch sensitivity

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

Inside the package, you’ll find the PRTX synthetic glass screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a redesigned easy installation guide, installation instructions, free Lifetime Replacements, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee advantage program.

We’ll walk through the installation process shortly, but first, let’s look at the other two options Bodyguardz just announced.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

PRTX Privacy Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

Also, having an MSRP of $49.95, the BodyGuardz PRTX Privacy has the same electroplated, hardened topcoat of PRTX. It looks, feels, and protects like glass. It has an 8H hardness that will help keep it scratch-free. Also, it has a middle layer that combines acrylic and PET to create a screen protector that can handle impact while being able to flex and bend in a way glass simply cannot. Also, the screen protector has “an absorbent adhesive layer covers the entire surface of the device to maintain perfect touch sensitivity and fingerprint sensor compatibility.” In other words, while this product may look simple, there’s quite a bit going on with it.

What makes this version of the PRTX screen protector special is the conclusion of a 2-Way Privacy Filter. This filter not only protects your screen but also “protects your valuable information from wandering eyes.”

Inside the box, you get the PRTX synthetic privacy glass screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a new easy installation guide, instructions, and documentation regarding the company’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee advantage program and Lifetime Replacement policy.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

PRTX EyeGuard Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

Like the rest of the line, the BodyGuardz PRTX EyeGuard has an MSRP of $49.95. What distinguishes it from the other screen protectors in the PRTX line is the Blue Light Blocking Technology that is built into the PERTX’s unbreakable screen protector.

It has there same electroplated, hardened topcoat that makes the PRTX line look, feel, and protect like glass. The 8H hardness helps prevent scratches while the acrylic and PET middle layer can absorb impacts while also being able to flex and bend. The absorbent adhesive layer tats part of the line helps guarantee there’s no degradation when it comes to touch sensitivity.

What makes the PRTX EyeGuard different than the other two offerings in the line is the inclusion of technology that filters out harmful blue light rays. As Bodtyguardz explains,

High energy blue light emitted from electronic devices can cause eye strain, headaches and may speed up macular degeneration. PRTX EyeGuard can protect your eyes by filtering out up to 43% of harmful blue light wavelengths.

As someone whose eyes have become increasingly weaker in the past few years, I’m dealing, I need to do everything possible to protect my vision. I’m not sure if my phone and tablet screens play any role in my eyesight becoming poorer, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a layer of protection. It’s for that reason I decided it would be there first of the PRTX screen protectors I tried. Here’s what the installation process looked like.

As is often the case with premium screen protectors, there are quite a few different items in the box. You’ll only use most of them for a few minutes, but they help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

I was glad to see that we don’t need to return to the days of applying a viscous gel to the screen the way we did in the early days of screen protectors. The process of getting a PRTX screen protector on your phone is similar to what is done when applying a tempered glass version.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

Step one is to remove the old screen protector.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

In this shot, you can see why the new style Bodyguardz is offering makes sense. This screen protector saved my screen the I dropped it but became unusable in the process. That won’t be an issue with this new screen protector.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New


Step two is to wipe the screen down with the included alcohol wipe and then wipe it dry with the included cloth. If there are dust specks on the screen, you can use the dust removal stickers to deal with them.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

The alignment tool before removing the previous screen protector.

Step three is to place the phone in the alignment guide. Once the guide is properly seated, you can take the screen protector and get to the important things.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

For step four, after removing the backing from the sticky side of the PRTX screen protector, you will want to hold it by the tabs at both the top and bottom. Align the screen protector with the phone and then slowly and carefully place it on the phone’s screen.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

The final step is to remove the alignment guide and use the included squeegee to remove any bubbles that are caught underneath. It takes a bit of time and muscle to get all the bubbles out but, after a few minutes, you should have a beautiful, clear screen.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

The final step is to use the squeegee to make sure all the edges are securely situated on the screen.

Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

From there, you are good to go.

The PRTX screen protector feels excellent. Like the glass versions I ave used for the last few years, it is clear, smooth to the touch, and doesn’t cause any loss of screen sensitivity. But, unlike those glass screen protectors, this one won’t crack the first time my phone drops on the ground. I can’t tell the difference or impact of the Eyeguard technology, but I trust Bodyguardz when they claim it offers some benefit. Even without eye protection, however, this screen protector design and material are impressive. I’m sold and think you will be too. Better yet, if you try one and don’t like it, you can get your money back within thirty days of use. In other words, buy one, try one and, if you don’t like it, get your money back, Its that simple.

The Bodyguardz PRTX screen protectors price starts at $44.95, and they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to apply; Clear; Protect but won’t crack; 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty make this is risk-free purchase; Three versions so you can get the screen protector you need; Looks and feels fantastic

What Needs Improvement: So many of the included items help with installation, but the wastefulness of it makes me sad

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