The 1TB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Flash Drive Is a Tiny Wonder

It wasn’t so long ago that 1GB seemed like an astronomical amount of memory, but now it’s passé. Most laptops come with at least 512GB, and now you can even get a 1TB flash drive that’s about the size of a child’s thumb for less than $300. Crazy, right? Say hello to the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Flash Drive.

SanDisk sent me one of these little guys to test out, and while this post is sponsored, these are my unfiltered thoughts on my experience with the drive. 

Available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, the Ultra Dual Drive Luxe has both a USB-A connector as well as a USB Type-C connector; depending upon which way you swivel the connector, you can use it with smartphones, tablets, and laptops that have either port. Since USB Type-C drives aren’t yet on every computer (even though it may seem that way), it’s great that the Type-A connector is included.

The Ultra Dual Drive Luxe measures 1.8″ long by 0.5″ wide by 0.35″ at its widest spot, and it weighs just 0.4 ounces. This little drive is so small that you’ll be thankful for its solid little metal body’s built-in keyring or lanyard hole; otherwise, losing it would be too easy!

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SanDisk says the Ultra Dual Drive Luxe has read performance of up to 150MBs per second. A speed test showed those numbers to be accurate. Long story short, it’s not the fastest when moving huge amounts of data, but it isn’t a slouch either.

I timed moving a 214.66GB folder full of photos to the drive, and it took about six hours; obviously, that was an extreme example. I also moved a 3.29GB file (of over 4,000 items) to the drive, and it took about 3 minutes.  The tiny 1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe would be handy enough on its own for copying and storing files, but the drive also comes with software included that can help with organizing your files and maximizing your storage on both your phone or tablet, as well as on the drive itself. Let’s take a look at the process of getting set up with the SanDisk Memory Zone software that comes loaded on the drive.

“Now what?”, you might ask. Now we walk through a series of screens that tell you what you’ll be able to do …

The next set of screens will walk you through adding your cloud services so that you have multiple storage locations available to move files to and from and copy to or from.

Those aren’t the only tricks up the Ultra Dual Drive Luxe’s sleeve, however. You can also use the SanDisk app to delete junk files, clean up WhatsApp media, to backup and restore your files and contacts, and to manage/uninstall apps on your Android device.

Well, there’s 3/4GB I just freed up! 😉

Under Backup and Restore, there are some handy options. You can choose from doing a manual backup, and automatic backup, or a social media backup.

I don’t keep a lot of items on my Pixel, because I’ve been conditioned to upload everything to the cloud to maximize my device’s storage.

The Automatic Backup option allows you to choose times, dates, and locations for backing up and storing your photos, music, and other files.

Social Media backup requires you signing into each of your accounts and authorizing access. I’m not sure why, but Instagram caused issues with this process; it would not allow me to stay signed in, so I eventually unchecked that option. Perhaps a future update will fix that.

Once you hit that Backup Items button, you’ll be directed to this screen that allows you to tell the app where to back those social media files up to.

I tried several times to do a social media backup; it never worked, and I am not sure why. Perhaps the sheer volume of photos and videos on my social accounts overwhelmed the process, but I was never able to get it to correctly work. If it’s a software issue, hopefully, that will be corrected soon because that would be a very handy feature. So back to that menu of options …

The Manage Apps option allows you to quickly select apps to uninstall. You can sort them by name, date, and size for easier selection.

From the Home screen, you can pull up the storage status of your phone or tablet, the Dual USB Drive, as well as the status of your connected cloud services.

If you’re moving a lot of files, the drive can heat up a bit; otherwise, I haven’t got any complaints about its performance. One thing that might be a deal-breaker, though, depending upon how you intend to use the drive is that there is no encryption option on the drive for your data. It’s not a big deal for me, but it could be you.

One last thing worth mentioning is that when you’re done using the Ultra Dual Drive Luxe, you shouldn’t forget to eject it rather than just pulling the drive out of the port; you’ll do that from your dropdown notification screen.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe has quickly become a very handy piece of gear for me. I can use it to easily transfer photos between my laptop and phone, and I love that it is a solid little backup device that can hold everything I might need to store — at least until the next memory leap when we are all talking about those “olden days when 1TB seemed like a lot of memory.” In the meantime, I’ve copied all of the digital photos and documents that I keep in the cloud to it (about 290GB worth!), and I love that it’s one more place I can store digital items that I never want to lose. The Ultra Dual Drive Luxe has quickly become one of my most indispensable pieces of gear!

Prices for the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Flash Drive start at $10.99 for the 32GB model and go up to $249.99 for the 1TB model I tested; they will be available soon, and you can reserve yours directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Like: Tiny size drive with up to 1TB memory; Works with USB Type-C or Type-A devices; Perfect for moving files between laptop, Android phone, and tablet; Manual and automated backup scheduling included in-app

What Needs Improvement: Social Media backup feature on app doesn’t work for me; No option for encryption may be a deal-breaker for some; It gets very warm to the touch when moving large files

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