June Smart Oven Gets its Masters Degree with Latest Software Updates

These days, it may be smarter to stay home and cook, and the June Oven has you covered. Not only does the June Oven make it easier to cook, but cloud updates also keep improving the functionality. June Oven users will find their oven will automatically update over the next week over WiFi overnight to include a number of helpful features.

June Smart Oven Gets its Masters Degree with Latest Software Updates

The June Oven is a kitchen gadget that I’ve kept my eye on for a long time and something we’ll be reviewing in the near future.  It’s a seven-in-one, precision oven that’s WiFi connected and uses a color touchscreen to browse recipes and control its functions.  It has a companion smartphone app that can keep track of your cook as well as view the built-in internal camera to actually see the food your cooking remotely.  The camera can also recognize the food you put into the oven and recommend cooking programs.

One of the neat features of the June Oven is the fact that it can be updated remotely, thanks to the manufacturer pushing updates over the internet.  This allows the oven to improve over time.

Features that June is pushing to their ovens this week include:

  • Adjustable Cook Programs:  Now you’ll be able to adjust June’s cook programs to your liking and saving them to re-use in the future.
  • Android App: Android users are now able to access hundreds of recipes, including step-by-step videos.
  • Dirty Camera Detection: June will now let you know when your internal camera needs cleaning.
  • Turn your June into a Proof Box: June will now be able to hold a super low temperature, between 80F-120F, in order to be able to perfectly proof dough.
  • Bookmark Recipes: iOS users will now be able to save their favorite recipes, allowing you to access them quickly in the future.

If you’ve got a June Oven, you’ll be able to check to see if your software is up-to-date, by tapping Settings > Maintenance > Updates from the home screen.

In these uncertain times, it’s nice to know that our technology is making our lives easier, especially when homemade food is likely the safest thing you’ll eat.  Check out the June Oven at JuneOven.com and see the features for yourself.

Stay tuned to Gear Diary; we’ll have a hands-on review coming this year!

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