Xfinity Has Easter Eggs You Can Collect and Open from Your Couch

If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself and your quarantine-mates entertained while waiting out the pandemic, and if you live in an area with Comcast Xfinity services, you should check out the Easter eggs they’ve hidden that you can access right now with the Xfinity Voice Remote.

Xfinity Has Easter Eggs You Can Collect and Open from Your Couch

This is the list of suggestions I was sent for all of you with their service to try with your Xfinity Voice Remotes. I don’t live in one of Comcast’s service areas, so I’m counting on those of you who do to try this and to let me know how it goes …

— Looking for a pick-me-up? Say “happy stuff” into the voice remote, and it will give you some great suggestions TV shows, movies, songs, and more to lift your spirits.
— Quiz Xfinity with your favorite movie quotes – Try saying “Phone home”, “Yo Adrian!”, “Show me the money”, “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, “May the force be with you”’ and more into the Voice Remote to be connected to your favorite movies on X1 and Flex.
— Have you ever instantly fallen in love with the music during a movie or show you’re watching but don’t know the song or band playing? Simply speak into your Voice Remote and say, “what song is this?” and the details will appear right on your screen.
— “Pizza stuff” to bring you to a destination where you can learn how to make pizza or watch episodes or movies where pizza plays a key supporting role, including the pizza toss in Breaking Bad.
— You can now listen to your favorite Troll’s character’s playlist on X1. Say “Poppy’s Playlist”, “Branch’s Playlist”, “Queen Barb’s Playlist” or “Tiny Diamond’s Playlist” into the Voice Remote to pull up the music curated by a Troll!
— Here’s a good one for all you current and former gamers. Try entering the famous Konami Code into your remote for a fun 8-bit-inspired Xfinity graphic.
— If you know what the Konami code is without having to look it up, you should also probably say “80s stuff” into your voice remote to find a fun collection of the greatest content from that decade.
—  “Kitties on YouTube” or “Puppies on YouTube” for some baby animal cuteness to bring up a selection of cute videos for an instant happiness boost.
— For a fun surprise from the Minions, say “Disco” into the voice remote and let the party get started!
— “Surprise me” to see a random movie or TV show.
— “Give me a compliment” for some flattery and show or movie ideas.
— “Fitness” or “Exercise” to access Fitness Workouts, Gaiam, Grokker, FitFusion, Daily Burn, TouchFit and many more.
— Find lost objects such as “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone” and we’ll call your phone so you can find it, or “Xfinity Home, find my keys” – customers can find objects, such as keys, purses and more, connected to their Tile device using the voice remote.
— Say “the Inside Guide” for a newly released collection of helpful tips for staying connected and how to make the most of days at home by staying in shape, learning a new skill or discovering a new favorite TV show.

I get the feeling that as detailed as this list is, it still doesn’t name all of the Easter eggs Xfinity has hidden. So if you happen to find another one that isn’t here, come back and share it with the rest of us. 🙂

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