The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

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The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch Listen to this article

Since moving to Android, I have been searching for an excellent smartwatch solution. Battery life has been an annoyance in most smartwatches I have tried; charging every night gets kind of old. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Amazfit T-Rex, and some of my concerns have been addressed with an affordable watch.

The Amazfit T-Rex is a great solution for people who enjoy the outdoors. It holds twelve military certifications from extreme temperatures, salt spray, water, and others. This watch is tough! Along with a strong build, the 1.3″ AMOLED screen 14 sport modes to keep up with an active lifestyle. There is also a high-precision heart rate monitor with continuous tracking and high heart rate warning capabilities—all of this in an affordable $139.99 package.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

The first thing I noticed about the T-Rex is how light it is. It is light — not in a cheap feeling way, but rather in a comfortable way. The band is stretchy, and no matter what activity I am doing, the watch is comfortable to wear and never gets in the way. I have worn it while coaching, when working out, when swimming, and while doing ranch work. I have not needed to take it off, and I never really notice its weight on my wrist. That has not been the case for other watches I have worn.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

The watch sports four metal buttons. The bottom right will wake and sleep the watch face. Buttons on the left side scroll up and down. The top right button will select and also quickly access the workout tracking options. If you want health information, the T-Rex has a ton of options: workouts, sleep data, body measurements, body composition, and other health markers that can be tracked. The accompanying app is easy to use to set up and keep track of all of your health measurements and monitoring.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

Thirty watch faces are available on the app or watch settings, so almost any preference can be accommodated. I found a face that is easy to read; it includes the time, date, battery level, steps, distance, kcal, weather, and temperature. Other than the moon phase, that is about all of the information I use from a smartwatch, although I tend to think of it as more of a smart fitness tracker since there are no downloadable apps.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

The OS is their design, and I like it. While there are no third-party apps available, I rarely used them with other smartwatches anyway. Swiping right on the screen brings up the provided apps. All of my smartwatch needs are covered, so I love the OS. Using the app, you can choose which phone apps will send push notifications, and you can see who is calling when your phone rings. Music controls are also available, which is super handy. I tested it with Spotify since that is the only music app I use, and it worked well.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

The OLED screen is bright and crisp, and the touch features work well. You can choose to have the watch display always on, or you can set the display turn on only when you raise the watch; I like saving battery life, so my display is not always on. There is also a battery saving mode if you are running low, but the battery life has been fantastic. The website claims 20 days, which could be possible depending on settings. I generally get over a week of battery life, and I have made it a habit to charge the watch on Saturdays, whether it is low or not. The charging cable connects with a magnet, and I have found the watch to charge rather quickly.

The Amazfit T-Rex Is an Affordable and Tough Smartwatch

If you are in the market for an affordable smartwatch that works well and is packed with features, the Amazfit T-Rex is worth the look. The watch will survive harsh conditions, and it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Very few options at this price point also include a heart rate monitor as well as GPS. There are just enough customization options to make the watch fun to use, but again, there are no third-party apps. I like to check my sleep tracking every couple of weeks to see how my habits are. Especially during this unique period of history we are currently getting through. The Amazfit T-Rex will continue to be my everyday wear smartwatch. It is comfortable, tough, and it does everything I need it to do while only needing to be charged once a week.

The Amazfit T-Rex retails for $139.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Light; Tough; Long battery life; Affordable

What could be improved: There are times I would like to be able to answer texts from the watch, but it’s not a deal-breaker

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