BASE and Rover Are Two Accessories That Make Vessel Vape Batteries Even Better

The other day we reviewed the Vessel, a line of vape pen batteries that are as elegant as they are enjoyable to use. Vessel offers two accessories that enhance the experience further. The BASE Charging Stand is a handy drop-in charging stand, and the Rover provides a safe way to store and carry your Vessel.

Each Vessel Vape Pen Battery comes with a USB charger that connects to the battery magnetically. It works well and is not inconvenient in any way. Still, the BASE charging stand is handy enough for a desktop charging spot that it is worth the $35 price.

BASE is an 8 oz. “paperweight” with a non-slip surface pad that protects your desk or night table. It ships with a 3 foot USB to USB-C cable but does not include a power adapter.


The concave top surface offers some visual interest to an otherwise plain hunk of aluminum while also appearing to “cradle” the Vessel battery.


BASE is a great way to keep a Vessel charged. More than that, however, it keeps the Vessel upright and within reach, while eliminating the chance that your vape might roll off the table and leave you hunting for it beneath the bed. Our recommendation: if you investing in a Vessel (or two), pick up a BASE. It’s a great convenience that you don’t necessarily need but will appreciate. Get it here.

The Rover is a protective case for carrying a Vessel and staying organized. The $25 Rover is made from molded EVA with a polyester outer lining. Measuring 7″ by 3.4″ by 1.5″ each Rover opens fully on three sides and can lay flat thanks to a concealed zipper design.

Inside Rover, there dedicated slots for two batteries and two chargers. Integrated elastic bands keep items safe and secure.

A pouch on the inside of the cover can hold the USB charger that ships with each Vessel.

And, just as Vessel batteries come in a range of colors and materials, Rover is available in a variety of designs. These include black, cognac, charcoal, gray, navy, and camo.

There are a few reasons we also recommend Rover. First, Vessel batteries are expensive. Rover offers fantastic protection for your investment. Second, as we have found, having more than one Vessel means you always have a charged battery, AND you have immediate access to two different types of cartridges without having to swap back and forth. And finally, its always nice to have an extra cartridge available “just in case.” Rover lets you discreetly keep it all together, organized, and safe.

Rover fits all styles of the original Vessel battery, and it appears to work with the new Vista battery that was recently announced.

You don’t need the BASE or Rover to enjoy your Vessel battery. In fact, were we ordering a Vessel, it would have been unlikely that either would have been included in the purchase. But we were sent some for review and, having used them both, we’ve become fans. If you purchase a Vessel, give serious consideration to adding these accessories. You won’t regret purchasing either or both here. You might also want to check out all of Vessel’s offerings.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

What We Like: BASE keeps Vessel handy at home while Rover keeps Vessel safe on the go; Base is heavy enough to stay wherever you place it; Base had rubberized, no-slip pad on the bottom; Rover had spots for two batteries and two extra cartridges; Rover offered in several colors

What Needs Improvement: Nothing comes to mind

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