Looking for a Fashionable and Protective Face Mask? Take a Look at These

If you’ve already got a collection of protective and comfortable face masks, then you might still want something a little more fashionable for those times when a solid color seems too drab. Some of these are masks that I have bought for myself or family, and some are ones I have saved to purchase later on. I’ve done the research, let’s have a look.

Looking for a Fashionable and Protective Face Mask? Take a Look at These

DdroppStudio Mask

Each mask listed features multiple layers for protection, and some have filter pockets in case you want to add extra assurance. All of them are washable and reusable, and many of them have adjustable nose bridges so you can mold them around the top of your nose for a better fit (see the bottom of this post for the ones that don’t). All of these masks come from non-medical companies, so each bears the disclaimer that it is not PPE. Even so, the use of cloth masks has been shown to be effective when used in conjunction with social distancing and regular handwashing; both the CDC and the WHO recommend their use, and they are mandated by law in many areas. My state (Texas) has even finally got with the program!

If you have to wear a mask anyway, it might as well be protective and cute; here are some of the ones I’ve found. Quite a few of their makers are also giving back to their communities or various charities, so as you shop, keep an eye out for that.


FacecoverUS masks are made in New Jersey; they feature three layers, with the outer and inner layers being made of 100% cotton; they do not have a filter pocket. All masks are adult unisex with an adjustable wire at the nose bridge that won’t slide or twist, and some offer adjustable ear loops. They sell for $19 each. I haven’t ordered any of these yet, but they look outstanding.

MasQd Masks

MasQd makes masks for adults and children. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, and they have an adjustable wire at the nose bridge. Most of these masks have filter pockets (you can add them to your order here), and some have adjustable ear loops while others have elastic or fabric ear loops; they are priced from $7.99 to $24.99.


Lewindy Masks

If you like the look of hand embroidery, you’re sure to find something you want on the Lewindy site; there are pages and pages of cute masks made with unisex adult sizing. Each mask has three layers of cotton, and they have elastic ear loops — some have built-in ear loop adjustment; they do not mention having an adjustable nose bridge wire. Masks range in price from $16.95 to $18.95.

Rag & Bone Masks

Rag & Bone is selling two styles of masks right now. They have a fitted Stealth version and the Pleat (expanding design) version, and both sell for $30 each or $5 off each mask when you buy them in multiples. The Stealth version is made of 66%pPolyamide, 27% viscose, and 7% elastane with a 100% cotton lining. The Pleat version is made of 100% cotton with a 75% cotton and 25% polyamide lining. Neither mask design has a filter pocket, and it doesn’t appear that either has an adjustable nose brings; the Stealth version has fixed ear loops, and the Pleat version has adjustable ear loops. You can also order the Pleat version in multipacks of 3 for $55. I’ve ordered a Stealth model for Kev; hopefully, he will like it.

Rubix Masks

Rubix Masks are handmade of two layers of cotton blend fabric with soft elastic ear loops. They are unisex-sized to fit most, and they do not have an adjustable nose bridge or a filter pocket, but they do have an expanding design, which I’ve had good luck with keeping in place without fidgeting. Designs are limited in quantity, so if you see something you like, you should grab it before they are gone. Rubix Masks sell for $10.80 each.


Love Masks

Love masks are made of BPA-free cotton; they also use Modal, which is a synthetic fabric that is naturally anti-odor and anti-bacterial. These are made for small and medium-sized faces, and they have elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge. They do not have a filter pocket. Predominantly black, Love Masks feature a simple red heart patch that will show on your right cheek; they sell for $8.95 each, or you can get three for $21. I’ve ordered a three-pack, and I look forward to trying them!


Lolly Tattoo Masks

Looy Tattoo masks are made of three-ply quilted material; they are light, breathable, and available in three sizes to fit almost everyone. They have comfortable stretch ear loops, but they do not have a filter pocket or an adjustable nose wire, Lolly Tattoo masks sell for $13.61 each. I ordered the pink Soot Sprite mask in the medium size for myself, but quickly realized I needed to pay more attention to sizing after it had arrived. The medium size was just a little bit too tight across my face, but it perfectly fitted my 8-year-old granddaughter — which suited her fine, as she had fallen in love with it. I figure that if a mask is cute and comfortable, kids will be happier wearing them, and this one was a hit with everyone who saw it. I might have also ordered a couple more in other colors and sizes, so hopefully, I’ll get a Soot Sprite mask of my own out of the next shipment.


I found ddroppStudio in the early pandemic days after we were first advised to wear masks and after I had done a ton of research on what a suitable mask should be made from and contain. DdroppStudio’s masks are ridiculously well-made with three layers, including a non-woven built-in filter; the outer and inner layers are made of 100% cotton, and masks are available in a variety of fashionable cotton fabrics with elastic ear loops. DdroppStudio offers a medium-size, which fits most adult female faces and large, which fits most adult men — but you should check your measurements before ordering to be sure about sizing. All masks have a high-quality integrated metal nose bridge band, and they offer enough filtration on their own that there is no need for a filter pocket. DdroppStudio also has some children’s size masks in extra-small and small. These masks are handmade, but they are made to a higher standard than any other’s I’ve seen. The artist who creates them is a fashion designer, and she has done extensive research on materials and filtration efficiency. These are the masks I wear when I have to go into a situation where others might not all be masked — like the post office or grocery store. Most of ddroppStudio’s masks sell for $38, but now and then they will offer an exceptional fabric that will sell for more. I’ve ordered multiple masks for my family from this Etsy shop. At any given time, I will have several more that I want sitting in my shopping cart, and every time they add new designs, it’s a struggle not to grab my wallet. Kev’s favorite so far is the Jackson Pollack style shown below.

Viridian Siren Creations Masks

Viridian Siren Creations sells cute masks that are handmade with triple layers of cotton on the outside, a flannel core, and a cotton layer that touches your face. These masks feature elastic ear loops that can be replaced if needed and an adjustable nose bridge wire. They are made to order, and they sell for $10 each.

Get PPE Here Masks

Sold in packs of three with an included PM2.5 filter for each, Get PPE Here Masks have two layers that you can slide the included filter between, and they are made to fit adult faces. These masks are made of 100% cotton, and they feature adjustable nose wires and adjustable ear loops. A pack of three sells for $29, and Get PPE Here sells a pack of 20 filter refills in adult or kid sizes for $20.


Flowmasks are handmade in Bend, Oregon; each unisex mask is made with three layers of premium cotton with one internal layer of cotton flannel. They feature an internal adjustable nose wire for a better fit and a filter pocket. They are designed to fit most faces comfortably, and they come in an eco-friendly package. They sell for $19 each.

AYA Optical Masks

AYA Optical masks are made in Canada, and they feature art from Indigenous artists, Kelly Robinson or Bill Helin. These unisex masks have two layers of cotton fabric with a filter pocket in between, and they have elastic ear loops; there is no mention of a nose bridge wire, however. Each of the masks sells for $18, and you can buy a four-pack of the Kelly Robinson design in assorted colors for $70. I love the Bill Helin hummingbird.

DIOP Masks

DIOP Masks are triple-layered woven cloth masks made with 100% wax-printed cotton. They’re made in one unisex size, but they have extra fabric at the nose and cheek to accommodate most. Instead of using elastic ear loops, DIOP masks have two elastic bands that fit around the wearer’s head to keep ears from being tugged over extended periods of use. These straps also help provide a snugger fit around the wearer’s face. DIOP Masks do not include a nose bridge wire, but the site sells adhesive-backed nose strips at 10 for $5 or 50 for $20. The masks are colorful and breathable; I have the black and white one shown in this gallery, and I love it. DIOP Masks sell for $15 each.

Lele Sadoughi Masks

Lele Sadoughi masks are beautiful; many of them feature hand-embellished cotton, soft denim chambray, or other fabrics, and they all have a breathable cotton liner. These masks feature a contoured fit with two layers and a filter pocket. The masks are available in sizes to fit women and girls, and they come with adjustable elastic ear straps, but no mention of a nose bridge wire. Lele Sadoughi masks are available for preorder for sets of three women’s masks for $40 or two girls masks for $25.

Profound Company Triple-Layer Masks

Not all masks are created equally, and that is apparent on the Profound Company site. While most of their adult-unisex masks are fashionable, all but a few are basically dual-layer masks with no extra filtration layers, no filter pockets, and no nose bridge wires. However, there is a version that is worth mentioning here: their triple-layer protective face masks that are available in black paisley, sand paisley, black floral, and red floral; they’re also available in black and white for $25.  This is the first mask that Kev specifically asked me to buy for him, and although I am just now putting in the order, it appears to be very thoughtfully and well made. These two masks feature triple-layers of cotton (the one closest to the wearer’s face is billed as ultra-soft and breathable combed-cotton), adjustable ear loops, and an integrated metal nose piece to ensure a snug fit. Each mask also comes with a five-layer PM2.5 filter, and they sell additional filters in packs of ten for $30. Profound Company triple-layer masks sell for $28 each.

Johnny Was Masks

Johnny Was is offering double-layer pleated masks in packs of five made from some of their signature and neutral cotton sateen prints, embroidered georgette rayon prints, or silk charmeuse prints. All of their adult woman-sized pleated masks include filter pockets and elastic ear loops; they are lined in 100% cotton, but they do not have nose bridge wires. These masks are made of repurposed and assorted fabrics, so the prints will vary, but if you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll likely enjoy the assortment they send. The signature cotton sateen or neutral cotton sateen masks are sold in packs of five for $25. Johnny Was embroidered georgette rayon masks are sold in packs of five for $40, and five of their silk charmeuse masks are also $40. If you need a lot of masks at once, Johnny Was also offers packs of 50 masks featuring either their signature cotton sateen prints or their neutral cotton sateen prints for $250.

Yoshi Zen Masks

Yoshi Zen masks are absolutely gorgeous; they are made from eco-luxury vegan cactus leather that has been laser cut and natural fabrics. Each mask features a beautiful cactus leather exterior that has been laser cut to show the contrasting top fabric layer underneath. There are two inner layers made from 100% bamboo fabric that is naturally antibacterial, soft, and breathable. Each mask has a filter pocket, and it comes with one PM2.5 activated carbon filter; they also have adjustable ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge wire worked into the top fabric layer (not the vegan cactus leather) along with fabric that fits under the wearer’s chin; the reviews say that they are comfortable and breathable. This looks like a solid mask that will last; the exteriors can be cleaned with a wet wipe, or they can be more deeply cleaned by removing the filter and soaking in natural soap and then pressing out the water and hanging to dry. Yoshi Zen masks are unisex, and they come in either medium or large; the masks sell for $80. I’d like one in both colors!

Echo New York Masks

Echo New York says that their masks are made with thermo-regulating SmartTemp technology that activates when your body temperature rises. I’m not sure exactly how that works, but if it can truly help keep wearers cooler during the hot months to come, that sounds fab. Their masks are made of three layers of 100% cotton with pleated construction for a customized fit; at least one of their masks has a 100% silk outer layer. Echo New York masks have adjustable ear straps and a moldable nose bridge bar. All but one of the $15 masks mention having a filter pocket, so if that is important to you — be sure to check. The designs are cute, and they’re priced well at just $12 (three layers of 100% cotton with filter pocket), $15 (three layers of 100% cotton with a filter pocket, *but the tennis racquet style does not*), and $18 (one layer of 100% silk, two later of 100% cotton, and a filter pocket).


Grayers Masks

Grayers has repurposed some of their shirting fabrics into three-layer masks that have their stylish yet not outlandish fabrics as a top layer with two breathable inner layers. Their masks have an adjustable nose bridge wire and adjustable ear straps; they do not have an inner filter pocket. These masks make me want to go on vacation at a tropical getaway, but obviously, that is not happening anytime soon. Grayers is selling all of their masks in packs of five with various assortments or single styles included; they retail for $48.


One last thing. If you want to add a flexible nose wire to your mask that didn’t come with one, you have options! Volante makes single-use stick-on nose bridge wires that can be added to existing masks (a pack of 50 is $8). An even better idea is buying a sew-in bar from JoeVeo; they make 10¢ mask wires that can be inserted into existing masks (instructions are here). One of the best nose wire options I’ve found is from DIYMaskUSA; the least you can buy is a pack of 10, but you’ll be able to choose from sew-on wires for contoured masks (10 for $4.99) or sew-on straight wires for pleated masks (10 for $4.99).

I’ll keep updating this post as I find more, so check back occasionally. If you have a favorite of your own, let me know, and I may add it. 🙂

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