Busch Light Apple: Crisp and Clean on a Hot Summer Day

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Busch Light Apple: Crisp and Clean on a Hot Summer Day Listen to this article

It is HOT, I mean, super HOT in Texas right now. Like most Texans, a super cold brew hits the spot after a long day of work. Some of you may have recently seen ads for Busch Light Apple. As it just so happens, Busch was kind enough to send me a sample. As a side note, I am a fan of Bush Light already. How did Busch Light Apple fare?

Busch Light Apple is a light lager that combines Busch Light with a light hint of apple. At first, I was not sure what that would mean, and in my mind, I had the idea of some of the alcoholic ciders that are out there.

Busch Light Apple

As you can see, Busch Light Apple has 4.1% ABV, 130 Calories, a bit of protein, and 11g of carbs. Calories and carbs a bit higher than Busch and Busch Light, but it is not too bad for a specialty beer.

Busch Light Apple

I opened the can hoping to hear the Buuuusssscccchhhh sound, but it was the usual sound. The smell is not overwhelming. There is a hint of an apple smell; I will call it pleasant. I poured the beverage into a beer glass to take a look at the color and see if it had a head. The beer looks similar to most light beers, and it doesn’t have a big foam head.

Now for the taste. This is not like some of the other apple products out there with a super sweet overwhelming apple taste. My first response was crisp. It is truly a light beer with a hint of apple flavor. I found it to be light and refreshing, and for sure, it is something I could drink and enjoy on a hot day.

Busch Light Apple

If you are looking for something different that is crisp and refreshing, I can recommend Busch Light Apple. I like the taste, and it pairs well with relaxing after work on a hot summer day; I also recommend you drink it super cold. Since this is a limited edition release, I say go out and find some and take the edge off a hot summer day.

You can find out more information about Busch Light Apple and find out availability locations on their website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Light, crisp, refreshing take on beer; It is nice for a small change of pace

What could be improved: Some locations around the country may not carry it

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