Leviton and Xfinity Team up to Make Your Lights and Home Smarter

Xfinity does a lot more than just provide internet and cable. They’re very integrated into the smart home, as proven by my parent’s Xfinity alarm system that led to some cloak and dagger email deletion. However, your Xfinity-powered home is about to get a lot smarter than just letting you know when someone has opened the front door, thanks to integration with Leviton’s Decora Zigbee smart light switches, dimmers, and modules.

Leviton and Xfinity Team up to Make Your Lights and Home Smarter

You can already ask your Xfinity remote for anything television-related, but now you can also ask the remote to turn the lights on and off and control any Leviton smart home equipment. Xfinity integration also means you can control it from your Xfinity app, so if you want to make the neighbors think you’re home — or remotely turn the lights off on your friends — all that is easily at your fingertips. Xfinity already works with a tremendous number of home automation companies, from garage door openers to smart locks, so this is just one more way your home gets smarter and your TV becomes your personal home assistant.

Via Xfinity

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