Fully Remi Standing Desk Review: Working from Home Has Been Made a Bit More Comfortable

Back in March, when the pandemic started, my job decided early to send us home to work safely. They supplied us with monitors, keyboards, mice, and well wishes, but the one thing we couldn’t take home was our standing desk. This resulted in hours of sitting at my apartment’s kitchen island with improper posture while getting my work done. Fully recently offered me the opportunity to check out their Remi standing desk, and let me tell you… without it, I wouldn’t have been nearly as productive.

The Remi standing desk is one of Fully’s most affordable options to arrive right in the heart of the pandemic; it offers a user-friendly approach to a home office without the heavy price tag. Their website allows you to individually pick out every option of your desk, including the top finish, the Grommet color, the legs, the addition of above-desk power, and more.


I went with an all-black approach for the top, legs, grommets, and power protectors in terms of customizations. I had to measure the one small space in my home that would allow a desk, and once aI knew what would fit, I selected the 38″ long by 37″ deep version. Also available are a 46″ long by 27″ deep and a 58″ long by 27″ deep versions that are $50 and $100 extra, respectfully. I suggest getting both powered grommets for your standing desk so you can plug in things like your monitor, your USB-Hub, and anything else you might need without cables being an issue. Fully also gives you the ability to have a clamp-mounted surge protector that sits slightly raised from the desk if you’d like. I also highly suggest purchasing the desk casters, which come with brakes; they make it easier to maneuver the desk around your room as needed.

The beauty of the Remi is its simple yet straightforward standing desk design. The Remi is a breeze to put together; no engineering degree necessary.

Complete with a tutorial that’s easy to follow, the Remi comes with pre-drilled holes and instructions that are simple to do on your own, without the need to hire someone to build the desk for you, which is especially important during a pandemic, while we’re self-isolating. It took me roughly 45 minutes to build the Remi myself with the materials that Fully included in the box.

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds and a rating desktop powered by two motors, the Fully Remi can house my MacBook and Monitor with enough room left over that I can set items on the desk for photos when I’m reviewing products.

The Remi comes complete with a built-in programmable memory handset; with it, you can program up to five preset desk heights. I have a preset for standing, sitting, and for when I’m taking photos of products. In a pinch, I might create a setting for changing the baby’s diaper, but that’s a small use case scenario there.

The Remi has a few caveats, but nothing overt. Compared to their Jarvis desk, there aren’t quite as many ways to customize your desktop. While the Jarvis comes with your choice of bamboo, laminate, Designer Bly, ecoTop, hardwood, and reclaimed desktops, the Remi is only available in laminate; they do offer it in black, white, or oak. I’m not a fan of white desks, and laminate oak wouldn’t go with my wife’s decor, so I went with black.

I’d love for Fully to offer the Remi desks with bamboo tops because the dark bamboo top they offer for other desks looks sweet. Nevertheless, with three sizes and two frame colors, there are enough options for someone who needs a work-from-home setup that doesn’t require hours of building or a bunch of tweaking to get right.

After using the Remi for the past six months, I can safely say that it is one of the better and less-expensive standing desks on the market; it is a great choice whether you live in a home or apartment. If you’re up for a splurge, be sure to check out the even more impressive Fully Jarvis standing desk.

If you are looking for a chair to use when your desk isn’t at standing height, I can recommend Fully’s $399 Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair. It offers a perfect combination of balance and movement; with it, I can still be mobile while working from my standing desk. I have a habit of sitting for hours at a time while getting my work done, all in one spot. The Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair is available in four different upholstery colors: black, blue, grey, and red. What makes this chair work so well for me is that I can easily move left and right while working, keeping my core engaged so I won’t develop a dad bod. The Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair that I received doesn’t have back support, so I revert to my favorite X-Chair when I need that feature. Most days, though, I stick to the Tic Toc Balens as it keeps me upright and mobile while working.

The Fully Remi Standing Desk starts at $449, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy setup with detailed tutorial and all equipment included; Programmable controls option; Grommets can sit above the desk or be hidden

What Needs Improvement: More options for desktop colors would be great

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