Texans Get Exclusive Access to Traverse, Device Insurance for As Little as $1 a Month

If you live in Texas, as I do, you now have access to a new form of device insurance called Traverse. Underwritten by Travelers Indemnity, Traverse offers a way to insure your most important devices for as little as $1 a month.

Texans Get Exclusive Access to Traverse, Device Insurance for As Little as $1 a Month

Recently launched as a mobile-first insurance platform, Traverse is available as an iOS or Android app. With it, Texans can get insurance policies for their mobile phones, laptops, bicycles, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and other items even if they aren’t brand new. All you have to do is open the app and snap a photo of the item you’re interested in insuring, give the replacement amount for the item, and you’ll get a quote for as little as $1 a month. It’s an affordable supplement — or alternative — to using renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

Traverse offers a quick and affordable way to insure your most important gear, whether it be a single device or multiple items. I like that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned the device, and it doesn’t matter how many items you do or don’t insure.

Insurance is so often an overlooked part of our lives, but that’s because it’s never been available like this. Traverse is bringing insurance products into the 21st century with quick, easy coverage options that actually reflect the mobile, device-driven lifestyle that we all lead. We are sponsoring National Device Appreciation Day because we believe insurance should be something that everyone can embrace, and we’re doing our part to make it the relevant and important part of our lives that it should be. – Matthew Elan Smith, Co-Founder of Pineapple, developer of the Traverse App

On top of receiving insurance quotes, managing coverage, and handling claims; the Traverse mobile app also offers rewards for completing virtual challenges that include gift cards to businesses you use regularly. I downloaded the Traverse app and went through the sign-up process, which basically just entails creating an account.

Once in, the home screen recognized that I was using a OnePlus 8T and flagged it as an uninsured device. I simply had to enter today’s replacement value for my phone ($750), and I was offered a monthly premium ranging from $6.92 with a $200 deductible to $9.16 with a $0 deductible. To activate the screen damage coverage, I would just need to submit a photo showing the OnePlus 8T’s undamaged display. Coverage includes damage from impact, fire, water, and weather, as well as accidental loss or theft.

If you live in Texas, you can now enjoy peace of mind while using your favorite gear, knowing that your devices are insured by Traverse and backed by Travelers. You can learn more by downloading the Traverse app.






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