The Convenient Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station Can Handle Five Devices at Once

Designed for the modern household that has way more than two devices, the Satechi Dock5 is a multi-device charging station that can make our digital lives a bit more convenient.

Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

Whether you put the Dock5 in your kitchen, on your nightstand, or even on your desk at work, this multi-device charging station with wireless charging can help declutter your home while charging all of your smartphones and tablets. If you’re charging devices in multiple locations or worse — sharing a charger between multiple devices — it can be all too easy to forget to charge up an iPad or your wireless headphones.

The Dock5 has two 20W USB Type-C PD ports and two 12W USB Type-A ports with slots for four tablets or smartphones and a 10W Qi wireless charging pad in front so that up to five devices can charge simultaneously. With its ability to charge five devices at once, my wife and I can top-off all of our phones and tablets, and at least one set of our AirPods Pros at any time. The Dock5 is ETL and CE certified with over-temperature protection.

Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

Thew Dock5 sells for $59.99, and it is available now.


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