All TCL 6-Series Roku TVs Launched in 2021 Will Feature 8K Resolution

8K televisions were first introduced a few years ago when many of us were still upgrading our TVs to 4K. It landed firmly in the “I don’t really need it, nor do I want to pay for it” category for me, but it might be time to rethink that stance, as all TCL 6-Series Roku TVs released later this year will feature 8K resolution.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV 8K

TCL 6-Series Roku TVs

TCL has long been my go-to for 4K smart televisions, not just because of their easy to navigate Roku interface but also because they are some of the best looking televisions that you can buy for a fair price. TCL made 4K accessible for many of us, and they are going to do the same with 8K.

All TCL 6-Series Roku TVs Launched in 2021 Will Feature 8K Resolution

TCL launched their 8-series Roku TV in 2019, and it was the world’s first mini-LED powered TV in the US. They introduced their second generation of mini-LED backlit technology on the popular 6-series Roku TVs in 202o. This year they will be introducing their third generation of mini-LED backlighting, OD Zero mini-LED technology. With OD Zero mini-LED technology, TCL 6-series TVs can have an even slimmer display with “tens of thousands of mini-LEDs and thousands of Contrast Control Zones for striking brightness, precision contrast, and smooth uniformity.”

As if OD Zero mini-LED technology wasn’t enough to bring stunning visuals with incredibly thin displays to the TCL 6-series, they’ve now announced that all 2021 TCL 6-Series Roku TVs being launched will feature 8K resolution. 8K is four times sharper than 4K. Although there still isn’t a lot of 8K content available yet, TCL televisions can intelligently upscale 4K content with their AiPQ Engine technology to look even better.

While the new 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TVs won’t roll out until later this year, and we won’t have pricing information until then, I don’t doubt that we can expect to see accessible prices on these gorgeous televisions.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV 8K

TCL XL Collection

As if bringing 8K TVs to the masses wasn’t enough, TCL is also introducing their first line-up of 85″ displays, the XL Collection. There will be three different XL Collection 85″ models debuting this year, and each one of those massive TVs will feature performance levels for home theaters on any budget.

The 85″ 4-Series TCL Roku TV (85R435) will feature 4K HDR streaming, and there will also be an 85″ 4K HDR TCL Roku TV (85R745) with QLED picture quality. The 85” mini-LED powered 8K TCL TV with QLED wide color technology will be the top-of-the-line model. While we don’t have any info on the flagship yet, we do know that the 85″ TCL 85R745 will feature Quantum Dot (QLED) color technology, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Contrast Control Zone technology, and a variable refresh rate, and 120Hz HDMI input support for a smoother gaming experience.

I wish I had room for an 85″ television because it would make it unnecessary to ever step foot a movie in a theater again!

The TCL XL Collection will be available in North America in 2021, starting with the 4-Series TCL Roku TV 85” set (85R435) launching in a few months for $1599. The 85” QLED TCL Roku TV (85R745) and 85” mini-LED powered 8K TV will follow a few months later. We don’t have pricing for those two models yet, so stay tuned.


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