Multo Wants to Be Your Ultimate Sous Chef

The Multo by CookingPal may look like an ordinary food processor, but it is actually an “intelligent, autonomous cooking system that makes delicious meals materialize with minimal effort.”

After years of development and a new name that reflects its multiple capabilities, we are excited Multo is ready to make its way to people’s countertops to help them prepare delicious meals easily. Whether making weekly staples or meals for special occasions, Multo is the ultimate sous chef for cooks at any level of experience. – Anna Khomenko, Head of Marketing at CookingPal

The Multo cooking system is comprised of two parts: a Smart Kitchen Hub and a Smart Kitchen Appliance. The Smart Kitchen Appliance can handle many culinary functions, including chopping, mixing, kneading, steaming, and cooking. Along with this, it has the capability to weigh ingredients, regulate heat settings, self-time, and even clean itself!

CookingPal Multo

The Smart Kitchen Appliance measures 17.3″ tall by 12.2″ wide by 14.5″ deep, and it has a stainless steel bowl with a 3.1 QT / 3 L capacity. The scale weighs up to 175 oz/3kg, and it is accurate to 0.25 oz/5g. The motor has 10 speeds (up to 5200 RPM) and a heating unit that cooks up to 265 °F/130 °C.

Multo’s stainless mixing bowl is dishwasher safe, but the bowl can actually clean itself if you add dish soap and water and set the Smart Kitchen Appliance to clean mode.

As someone who got very into cooking and baking during the pandemic, the self-cleaning feature is quite a draw. I can’t even begin to name the number of messes I’ve made experimenting with new recipes.

Its counterpart, the Smart Kitchen Hub, is a tablet device that controls the Kitchen Appliance and provides a catalog of recipes and step-by-step video guides. The Smart Kitchen Hub also provides recipe recommendations based on your most viewed and cooked recipes. You can even store and save your favorite recipes with Multo for easy access.

CookingPal Multo

The Smart Kitchen Hub features an 8.9” touch screen tablet with a large jog dial (complete with haptic feedback) and a portable stand. The Smart Kitchen Hub has an IPX4 Splash Resistant Screen, so you don’t have to worry about touching it with wet fingers, and it can be wiped down after use. You can use the tablet’s built-in camera to take pictures of the meals you create, and you can store them in your cooking history.

Both the Smart Kitchen Hub and Smart Kitchen Appliance have 802.11 b/g/n 2.4g and Bluetooth BT 4.2  WiFi connectivity.

There is an iOS CookingPal app that you can use to access much of Multo’s functionality. The app allows you to create shopping lists, track the status of recipes, and get update notifications.

CookingPal is an IoT solution company dedicated to “designing kitchens of the future.” Multo is the company’s first kitchen solution.

The Multo by CookingPal is available today for a discounted preorder price of $799, ahead of commercial availability (and the regular, full price) coming in July.

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