4G Nokia 2720 V Flip Brings Modern Features and Connectivity to the Classic Flip Phone

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4G Nokia 2720 V Flip Brings Modern Features and Connectivity to the Classic Flip Phone Listen to this article

Not everyone needs or wants a full-fledged smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a completely dumb phone, either. The new 4G Nokia 2729 V Flip is perfect for those who love the pocketability of the classic flip feature phone but also want smart features like an external notification screen, a 4G hotspot, built-in Google Assistant, and more.

4G Nokia 2720 V Flip

If you like the feel of tactile buttons under your fingertips and fondly remember the days when you could flip open your phone to answer a call and snap it shut to hang up, and you hate the time-suck of having social media apps on your device, the Nokia 2720 V Flip may be a perfect choice.

Inspired by the classic Nokia 2720, the Nokia 2720 V Flip has a 1.3″ external screen so you can see the time and date, your notifications, and who’s calling before flipping the phone open to accept their call.

Inside, there’s a big numeric keyboard with easy-to-navigate buttons and a 2.8″ QVGA main display that has the option to show large-format texts for easy reading — you can make the text up to 100% larger than standard. Alerts can also be made up to 50% louder, so you’ll never miss an alarm, call, or message.

The Nokia 2720 V Flip has 4G connectivity, so when you need to check something quickly, you can browse the web with your phone’s browser, but when you need to do something more intensive that requires a larger screen, you can use the Nokia 2729 V Flip as a 4G hotspot for your tablet or laptop. It’s got a tough, durable polycarbonate body, so if you’re a klutz, there’s a good chance it will be able to survive being owned by you.

4G Nokia 2720 V Flip

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The addition of a dedicated Google Assistant button makes it easy to call, message, or search the internet with just your voice. You can even download your favorite apps from the KaiStore, if you can’t stand not keeping up with the latest on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. It has a single 2-megapixel camera on the back with an LED flash, so you’ll still be able to snap a photo in a pinch.

The Nokia 2720 V Flip’s removable 1500mAh battery (remember those?) lasts for up to 26 days on standby, and it gives you up to 10.9 hours of solid talk-time. In other words, you likely won’t have to charge this phone every single day unless you are using it as a hotspot.

There’s even an emergency button that, with a long-press or a quick double-tap, will send a message to five chosen contacts giving details of your location and then ringing your emergency contacts until they answer. ICE (In Case of Emergency) info holds all of your vitals, including date of birth, emergency contacts, medical conditions, blood type, and allergy info; if there’s ever an issue, that info can easily be accessed by first responders.

4G Nokia 2720 V Flip

While it might be easy to dismiss the Nokia 2720 V Flip as something that only the “severely tech-challenged” would ever use, I can see it being a great way to give yourself a phone detox, too — just don’t download all of those social media apps!

Think of it as the phone you’d use on vacation or on the weekends if you can’t imagine doing without your smartphone during the week. At just $79.99, it’s not an outrageous idea!

The Nokia 2720 V Flip will be available in black starting on May 20. You can learn more about it here, and once they are available, you can order one from VerizonWireless.com or in the My Verizon app on your smartphone.

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