Infinix INBOOK X2 Series Brings brand into the Laptop Market with Budget-Friendly and Impressively Designed Options

Infinix has made some impressive Android devices, and they’re not resting on their success in the smartphone market. They’re expanding their roster of affordable but powerful devices with the Infinix INBOOK X2 Series. In the market for affordable and powerful Windows 11 laptops? Read on to find out what Infinix has to offer!

Infinix INBOOK X2 Series

The new Infinix INBOOK X2 comes with Windows 11, a 50Wh battery that should give you about 11 hours of web time and up to 512GB of storage.

They’re offering it in Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 variations. If you’re scratching your head wondering which is best, PC World has an excellent explainer that basically boils things down to “good, better, and best,” respectively.

So if you’re looking just to get some writing and browsing done, with some light Netflix or YouTube, an i3 may be more than enough for you, and if you’re looking to get in some games along with your work, it’s worth springing for that i7.

Infinix INBOOK X2 Series in blue

No matter which processor you choose, the Infinix INBOOK X2 Series has Ice Storm 1.0 for efficient cooling, DTS sound technology, and a slew of ports for charging and connecting anything you need. It sports a 14″ HD screen, an all-metal body, and clocks in at a svelte 2.7 pounds.

Webcam on the Infinix INBOOK X2 Series

The real trick, though, is that the INBOOK X2 has fill lights on either side of the camera, so you won’t look weird if you’re Zooming in a poorly lit room.

The lens has a blue light coating to reduce flare, and you can toggle the fill lights on and off depending on your lighting needs.

Fill lights that you can toggle is a really smart idea; you’ll be able to take Zoom calls wherever you want without worrying you’re choosing between weird shadows and having to make video calls from that one corner of your kitchen where there’s decent light!

The Infinix INBOOK X2 Series comes in gray, blue, green and red, and will range from $399 for the i3, $549 for the i5, and $649 for the i7, starting in Indonesia, Thailand, and Egypt on January 22 with more countries coming in the future.

Keep an eye on their site for Infinix INBOOK X2 Series availability and details!

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