Roku OS 11 Brings New Audio Updates As Well As New Ways to Find Content

We’re big fans of Roku here at Gear Diary. Roku offers a very user-friendly experience where you can aggregate all your favorite streaming services in one place as well as find new content when you’re tired of reruns of “Chopped”. They also never stop looking to the future with more features and options to consistently raise the bar, and we’re seeing that again with the rollout of Roku OS 11.

Roku OS 11

There are several exciting new features coming with Roku OS 11, including:

  • Personalized screen savers that feature your photos! Want to show off your vacation, or embarrass your kid before their date with baby photos? Turn your whole tv into a giant digital photo frame with your Roku! This isn’t a groundbreaking feature, but it’s still a welcome one. Users will also be able to share their photos with others, so you can have a pooled family album (again, the potential for family pranks here is endless).
  • Roku Audio is picking up some new features too, with automatic speech clarity, new sound modes for the streambar and speakers, and improved A/V sync, all adding up to make the Roku experience sound even better!
  • They’re also expanding their support for the various live television services, like Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling, etc. They’ll show your recently viewed shows in the Live TV Zone, as well as easier ways to discover more shows. Roku will also have a new “What to Watch” section that will suggest ideas across various streaming services.
  • The mobile app is also getting beefed up with additional information on the various channels, especially with where to find content that’s included within your existing subscriptions. That way you can browse on the go, figure out where to find what to watch, and be ready to go when you come home.

Roku OS 11

Roku OS 11 is coming out over the next few weeks to compatible Roku devices, though they haven’t stated which devices won’t make the cut. We’re excited to check out the changes, and looking forward to how it makes Roku even better!

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