Sony LinkBuds S Shrink Down True Wireless Earbuds While Boosting Features

Have you looked at true wireless headphones and thought they’d hit the limit on what can be crammed into such tiny devices? Well, Sony doesn’t believe in limitations, but they do believe in maximizing the earbud experience. Today they’re rolling out the Sony LinkBuds S, which they say are the smallest and lightest true wireless noise-canceling headphones on the market!

Sony LinkBuds S in black

Sony LinkBuds S earbuds are packed with many features to make them stand out in a sea of “true wireless” earbuds. First, they’re shaped to fit the human ear for a more stable design. Nothing is worse than feeling your earbud pop out midway through a walk!

LinkBuds S features noise-cancellation and ambient sound awareness, which lowers noise cancellation when you need to speak or interact with the world. Sony also includes their Precise Voice Pickup Technology to make sure voice calls come through crystal clear.

Sony LinkBuds S in charging case

Sony LinkBuds S earbuds also have a new 5mm driver for improved bass and musical clarity.

On top of all that, Sony also partnered with Niantic to create a more exciting Ingress experience. Basically, the headphones will adjust the game sounds based on where you are facing, making the music add to the immersive experience. From the press release, it seems Niantic and Sony intend to bring the experience to more games in the future!

Finally, Sony is committed to making the LinkBuds line environmentally friendly, with recycled paper packaging and headphone materials made from recycled auto parts. So you can enjoy 6 hours of use with noise cancellation turned on, plus 14 hours of charge in the case, and feel slightly less guilty about your environmental footprint.

Sony LinkBuds S will be available on May 20th for $199.99; you can learn more about them and pre-order yours here.

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