Brickit Aims to Bring High Tech Creativity to That Mess of Lego Bricks!

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Brickit Aims to Bring High Tech Creativity to That Mess of Lego Bricks! Listen to this article

When my brother outgrew his LEGO bricks back in the early 90s, my mom had the foresight to pack them away for future generations. It’s quite amusing to see my son build things out of the same LEGO his uncle used (and see him occasionally texting my brother to ask why he drew his initials in all the roof pieces). Everyone has that big LEGO bin from years of accumulated bricks, and Brickit thinks they’ve cracked the way to inspire you to see potential in every mismatched choice.

Brickit app

Brickit is pretty simple; you scan your bricks, and it shows several categories of suggested builds as well as a step-by-step, all based on the bricks you have on hand. Their video shows how smooth and easy it is to come up with all sorts of new ways to juice your creativity:

Today, Brickit is rolling out powerful new machine learning and AI, some premium features, and a way to share your creations with the Brickit community, so be sure to check it out. I know we’ll be whipping the app out the next time we’re using LEGO bricks!

You can find Brickit on Android Play and in the iOS App Store. Happy building!

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