Free Busch Light Solar Cookers Part of a Colorado-Based Initiative to Prevent Wildfires

If it seems like forest fires are getting worse and occurring more often, it’s not a figment of your imagination. In the state of Colorado alone, four of their five largest wildfires ever occurred in the last five years. To help keep that from happening while people are camping, hiking, or simply spending time outside this fall, Busch Light is giving away Busch Light Solar Cookers to Colorado residents.

Make the Busch Light Solar Cooker part of your camping kit

Over the last 20 years, US fires have quadrupled in size and tripled in frequency, with 89% being caused by humans and many of those being attributed to poorly attended or extinguished campfires.

To help Coloradoans enjoy spending time in the great outdoors safely and flame-free, Busch Light is using local fire departments to distribute some of their Busch Light Solar Cookers to the public.

Free Busch Light Solar Cookers Part of a Colorado-Based Initiative to Prevent Wildfires

Every weekend from August 17th through Labor Day (September 5th), a limited number of Busch Light Solar Cookers will be available at fire departments throughout Colorado for free.

With the Busch Light Solar Cooker, you’ll be able to prepare a warm meal in the great outdoors without the concern of possibly starting the next major Colorado wildfire rattling around in the back of your head.

I must admit that I’ve never seen a solar cooker in action, much less eaten anything cooked on one. If you get one of these (or if you’ve ever tried a solar cooler before), let me know if it gets the job done!

If you’re a Colorado resident, you can learn more and sign up to get a free Busch Light Solar Cooker here.

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