Lenovo Brings Fun and Games to Chrome OS with 16″ IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook!

Lenovo makes fantastic Chromebooks. They also make amazing gaming computers. Now they’re combining the solid and affordable ChromeOS with the power and flash of a Lenovo gaming PC to create the IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook!

The top cover of a partially opened IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook

The IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook has an anodized aluminum top cover, and it weighs just over four pounds.

You may not think of gaming prowess when you think of ChromeOS, but Lenovo is putting quite a bit of power into this device. Billed as the company’s first-ever cloud gaming laptop, the IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook sports a 16″ 120Hz WQXGA high-definition display, an Intel 12th gen i5 processor, Wi-Fi 6E, 8GB RAM, and either 256 or 512GB of SSD storage.

And, of course, an RGB 4-zone color keyboard because it’s not a gaming computer if it doesn’t have a rainbow backlight!

The IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook has a colorful RGB keyboard

You might be thinking, “gaming? and chromebooks? together?” But Lenovo says the new IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook will support NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta), so you’ll have quite an assortment of choices. Plus, with 11 hours of battery life, you’ll be able to game all day.

Available later this month, this gaming powerhouse starts at only $599, so you’ll have plenty of room in your wallet for streaming services and plenty of coffee to keep you fueled!

You can learn more about the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook here.

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  1. Helping a friend find a gaming laptop and thought I would check this out.

  2. darkgoddess718 | February 15, 2023 at 3:50 pm |

    I’m considering this for my son. He’s a gamer, especially on STEAM.

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