Qualcomm at MWC Reminds Us That Their Connectivity Runs The World

Qualcomm quietly powers so much of our lives, from the processors in your phone to the connectivity in your house. They never stop innovating, though, and they came prepared to show off at MWC!

Qualcomm at MWC Reminds Us That Their Connectivity Runs The World

We’ve gone from SIM cards down to eSIM, but Qualcomm looked at that and thought, “needs to be smaller.” Enter the iSIM, which takes the eSIM to the next step by integrating the SIM directly into the processor.

This may not sound like a big deal to the end user, but it will save significant space under the hood. That means more room for your phone to fit in a battery, cooling system, or anything else they can pack inside to make it that much better. So while iSIM might not mean much by the time it reaches your phone, it’s an exciting development that we’ll all benefit from in the future!

Staying connected on the go is more important than ever. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Auto 5G has added more processing power with more safety features, like satellite calls in rural areas. Features like Car-to-Cloud will also allow for easier ways to update and manage fleets as well.

Qualcomm at MWC Reminds Us That Their Connectivity Runs The World

Phones and calls aren’t the only things on Qualcomm’s mind. They’re diving into the world of XR devices, where virtual reality and mixed reality are quickly going from science fiction to the everyday.

Snapdragon Spaces brings Qualcomm’s expertise to any OEMs who are developing virtual and mixed reality devices, both standalone ones and ones that connect back to a smartphone. If it’s mobile, Qualcomm has a platform for it!

Qualcomm has even more going on beyond all this, with improvements and integrations to their 5G networks, as well as new companies signing on for Qualcomm Satellite. Even if you’re not dissecting your devices to see it, you’re benefiting from their continued commitment to improving all sorts of technology!

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