Let the Speed of the Inside Be Reflected on the Outside with Lenovo ThinkStation Co-Designed with Aston Martin

Sometimes the goal of new computers is to make things smaller, sleeker, and more portable. And sometimes, the goal is to make something that’s fully “blow your hair back” fast. Kind of like how some cars are commuter boxes, and some cars are Aston Martins. Lenovo was thinking along the same lines, hence why they’re rolling out new ThinkStation PX, P7, and P5 for intense computing needs that sport an attractive new chassis build co-designed with Aston Martin!

Aston Martin provided more than just a fancy pedigree. The new Lenovo ThinkStation chassis has a tool-less design for flexibility, plus it has a 3D grill inspired by the Aston Martin DBS grand tourer. They’ve also used the lessons they know from keeping high-end autos cool to keep the insides of the computer ventilated properly.

A truly high-end desktop is much like a specialized sports car in concept, and it’s clear that Aston Martin saw where the design language could transfer and improve the computer experience. Also, they’ve got quite an eye for style!

Lenovo ThinkStations designed by Aston Martin

The flagship of this new Lenovo and Aston Martin collaboration is the ThinkStation PX. It’s designed to be used as both a workstation and as part of a larger data center setup, powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors that offer up to 120 CPU cores and a 53% improvement over the prior generation!

There’s also support for up to 4 dual-slot NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation GPUs, so any high-powered creative design work will be as easy as a crayon and paper!

Lenovo ThinkStations designed by Aston Martin

Meanwhile, the Lenovo ThinkStation P7 will sport Intel Xeon W processors, support for both desktop and rack use, and up to 3 dual-slot NVIDIA RTXTM 6000 Ada Generation GPUs. The outside will look sporty and fast, while the inside will bring that same feeling of screaming along to any graphics, visualizations, or any other computing needs.

Lenovo ThinkStations designed by Aston Martin

If you’re looking for a powerful desktop, the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 is ready to take on anything. It runs on Intel Xeon W processors and can support up to two NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics cards. If you’re doing anything involving modeling and computing like 3D CAD, visual effects, and other high-intensity work, the P5 is designed to more than keep up with the ride.

All three of the new workstations will offer ThinkStation Diagnostics 2.0, ThinkShield Support, optional Premier Support, and a three-year warranty.

Click here to learn more about the Lenovo ThinkStations co-designed with Aston Martin; they’ll be available starting in May 2023.

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