Arlo Rolls Out 4 New Cameras with Their New Essential Line

Keeping an eye on your home has become much more advanced than just hoping you had nosy neighbors! Arlo offers a slate of ways to feel safer, and they’ve updated their indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras for sharper views of everything around your house. This way, you can watch your nosy neighbor watching you!

Arlo Rolls Out 4 New Cameras with Their New Essential Line

For outdoor security, there are the Essential and Essential XL Outdoor Cameras. Both offer a spotlight, full-color video even at night, and two-way audio so you can grumpily tell the teenagers to get off your lawn without leaving the couch.

They also have a siren that can be triggered via the app if you need to scare off any uninvited visitors.

Are you trying to decide between regular and XL? The XL offers 4 times the battery life, so if you’re in an area where the camera is likely to get triggered more often, you might want to consider it.

The Arlo Essential Outdoor Camera sells for $49.99 for HD or $99.99 for 2K, while The XL sells for $99.99 for HD or $149.99 for 2K.

Arlo Rolls Out 4 New Cameras with Their New Essential Line

Sometimes, you need to make sure the call isn’t coming from inside the house. Arlo has you covered there, too, with the Essential Indoor Camera.

It has two-way audio, so you can remind the kids to do homework before playing Nintendo or scare the dog into thinking you can see him when he’s chewing your shoes.

There is a privacy shield you can also control via the app if you don’t want to spy on yourself. Keep an eye on your house for $39.99 for HD or $79.99 for 2K.

Arlo Rolls Out 4 New Cameras with Their New Essential Line

If you’re deep in the Arlo ecosystem, they’ve got your doorbell covered, too, with the Essential Wireless Video Doorbell.

You can answer the doorbell right from your phone or even have visitors leave you a video message if you’re not home (helpful for when friends drop by and beneficial if you don’t want to engage with the overly aggressive door-to-door cable salespeople).

There’s a 180-degree field of view that lets you see that your packages arrived safely, a siren you can trigger from the app, and compatibility with the new Arlo Security Tag so you can disable your Arlo security system as you walk in the house.

Security and convenience in doorbell form is $79.99 for HD and $129.99 for 2K.

You can see these and all Arlo’s other security solutions by clicking here.

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