Apollo Wearable Leverages AI to Break the Terrible Stress and Sleep Cycle

Everyone I talk to lately wants to talk about one thing: stress. It’s too hot, too cold, too busy, not busy enough…we all have what feels like 1,000 knives in the air and not enough hands to catch them all. The Apollo Wearable uses AI and various data sources to offer personalized SmartVibes that will lower your stress and promote better health and sleep!

Apollo Wearable shown next to an iPhone display showing the accompanying app

The Apollo Wearable uses touch therapy to reduce your stress. You can wear it on your wrist or clip it to your shirt, but the idea is to wear it so you can benefit from vibrations designed to evoke different emotions and reactions. For example, Fall Asleep is helpful if you’re tossing and turning, while Focus might get you through those 150 unread emails.

SmartVibes takes this to the next level. They use predictive and generative AI to read when you’re struggling to sleep and will automatically adjust the vibration to hopefully knock you back out gently.

Better sleep = a better day. They’re also looking to add SmartVibes for stress relief in future updates as well.

Apollo is using their own data to understand and create their SmartVibes, but they’re also partnering with Oura. By using the data Oura gathers from their own wearables, Apollo can better understand the various triggers to stress in our lives, making their wearable more able to kick in and soothe at just the right times.

Apollo Wearable on a person's wrist

The Apollo Wearable starts at $349 but is currently on sale for $289.99. SmartVibes for Sleep is a yearly subscription available to all wearables users for $79.99 per year, with stress relief being added to the membership in November. It comes in Stealth (Black), Rose (Rose Gold and white), Glacier (Gray and white), and a limited edition Quartz (Rose Gold and gray), so you can get one that matches your style.

It’s not the cheapest wearable option out there, but given how much stress we’re all under, any price is worth a good night’s sleep!

You can learn more about and purchase the Apollo Wearable by clicking here.

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