Narwal Freo X Ultra, Freo X Plus, and S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum: 3 New Ways to Clean That Will Make Your Life Easier

Narwal has expanded its lineup by launching three cutting-edge devices: the Narwal Freo X Ultra, Narwal Freo X Plus, and the Narwal S10 Pro. The two new Freo robotic vacuum cleaners boast world-first features, including a tangle-free floating brush, dust compression technology for extended use, and AI DirtSense mapping for efficient cleaning. The S10 Pro is a wet/dry vacuum that automatically scrubs, cleans, dries, and disinfects its roller brush, pipes, and filters when placed in its charging station after use.

Narwal Freo X Plus, Narwal Freo X Ultra, and Narwal S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum

Narwal Freo X Plus, Narwal Freo X Ultra, and Narwal S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum

The flagship product is the Narwal Freo X Ultra, which provides a comprehensive cleaning experience, while the budget-friendly Narwal Freo X Plus shares many of the Ultra’s advanced vacuuming and mopping features without a self-cleaning base station.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra and X Plus stand out with their powerful performance, featuring fan rotational speeds of up to 60,000 RPM, a U-shaped air duct design for streamlining airflow to produce 8,200 PA (X Ultra) and 7,800 PA (X Plus) of strong suction.

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Unlike most docking and self-emptying robot vacs, the Narwal Freo X Ultra and the Plus hold everything collected inside because their suction power and dust compression technology are made to pack up to 60 days’ worth of dust and detritus into tight parcels inside the disposable dust bag.

If you have pets or long-haired housemates, you know what a pain it is to clean tangled hair wrapped around a vacuum’s brush. Narwal’s got you covered with what they’re calling the world’s first Zero-Tangling Floating Brush.

“Certified to capture 99.56% of hair with 0% tangling by internationally renowned validation companies,” the brush is made and placed to create airflows to help prevent tangles. The way the fins spin helps to ensure that all hair strands get “swiped left” and sucked right into the dust bag.

Narwal Freo X Plus

Narwal Freo X Plus

The DirtSense Technology, powered by AI and optical sensors, enhances mopping functionality by assessing the cleanliness of the water used while mopping, so if there is a problem area, the robot will detect and address it with extra mopping until it is perfectly clean.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus use Reuleaux Triangular Scrubbing Mops, which apply 12N of downward pressure and rotate at 180 RPM for exceptional scrubbing power. EdgeSwingTM mode, a motion that automatically turns the robot back and forth, allows the robots to reach around and into corners and crevices.

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Navigation is handled through tri-laser obstacle avoidance with LiDAR SLAM 4.0 integration, offering control via the Narwal app or by voice commands through Alexa, Google, or Siri. A base station touchscreen can also control the Narwal Freo X Ultra.

When done cleaning, the Freo X Ultra’s dock automatically washes the mop head, applies cleaning solution at optimal ratios, and empties the dirty water; there are even humidity sensors to adjust the mop’s dampness for maximized results when it starts its next cleaning.

Now, moving away from robot vacs for just a moment …

The sleek Narwal S10 Pro is a wet/dry vacuum with 32 running water streams producing 17N mopping pressure with 76AW suction efficiency. Its handle can rotate 180º vertically and horizontally so you can maneuver under and around chairs, tables, and obstacles with its edge-to-edge mop.

The S10 Pro automatically separates solid and liquid waste for easy disposal. When you’re done and it’s back in the charging station, the S10 will automatically scrub, clean, dry, and disinfect its roller brush, pipes, and filters.

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The Narwal Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus will be available in March, priced at $1399 and $469, respectively, and the Narwal S10 Pro will be available for $449 in April. You’ll be able to buy them directly from the manufacturer and Amazon.

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  1. It’s great that the dust bags in the robot vacs don’t have to be changed for two months! I’d like to know who are these “internationally renowned validation companies” that certify being able to capture hair without tangling. I’m disappointed that their logo doesn’t seem to include a drawing of a narwhal. (A horn on their products would be even cooler, but obviously unsafe and impractical.)

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