Yoshino B6000 SST Headlines a New Lineup of Solid-State Portable Power Solutions

We recently reviewed the Yohino B4000 solid-state battery power station. It is an impressive design and fantastic use of solid-state technology. The company has announced some exciting new products, including the Yoshino B6000 SST, Yoshino EXB1 extendable battery, Yoshino PRO1000, and Yoshino PRO2000.

Yoshino B6000 SST Headlines a New Lineup of Solid-State Portable Power Solutions

The Yoshino B6000 SST Solid-State Portable Power Station is a cutting-edge solution for emergency home backup power. It stands out with its 6,000W AC output and utilizes advanced solid-state battery technology, enhancing safety and stability through a solid electrolyte.

What sets the B6000 SST apart is its innovative features. With a 4,730Wh capacity, 240V split phase, and parallel connect capability, you can combine two units for a powerful 10,500 watts and 9,460Wh.

Yoshino B6000 SST

The power station also introduces Smart Link with Infinity Connect technology, enabling the connection of additional expandable batteries to boost capacity further.

The beauty of Smart Link is its flexibility — whether you need 10-30kWh of battery capacity, you can stack as many batteries as necessary to meet your power requirements. There are no limits; there is just a reliable and adaptable power solution for various needs.

This portable power station should prove to be a beast.

Yoshino EXB1 is an expandable battery that marks a significant step in solid-state technology. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with both the B4000 SST and the B6000 SST to enhance the overall power capability for users and provide ample battery capacity to support various applications, including powering home appliances, RVs, vans, and off-grid homes.

Yoshino B6000 SST Headlines a New Lineup of Solid-State Portable Power Solutions

Yoshino B6000 SST and EXB1

The EXB1 stands out with its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport with the built-in wrap-around handle for added durability. This makes it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, camping trips, or handling unexpected home emergencies.

Notably, the EXB1 contributes 1200W of solar input to the Yoshino B4000 SST, offering an eco-friendly power option. With the Smart Link feature, users can connect batteries limitlessly, providing adaptability to different power needs.

With the Yoshino EXB1, you’ll experience the convenience of quiet, emission-free, and reliable power on the go.

The Yoshino PRO1000 and Yoshino PRO2000 are the latest film and production power evolutions designed for use on location and on-set.

These PRO models redefine the power game, providing DC output capable of supporting high-current lighting and cameras at 14.4V, 28V, and 48V, a first-time combination with AC output power reaching up to 1000W (PRO2000) — all while maintaining complete silence.

This silent thermal system positions these solid-state battery power stations as the go-to all-in-one power solution on-set.

With battery capacities ranging from 1,085Wh (PRO1000) to 1,971Wh (PRO2000), these models offer ample power to keep equipment running smoothly.

These power stations are adaptable to various needs, boasting additional ports, such as AC, DC, USB-A, and C, and optional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth app control. Their lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability, and quick recharging options via AC, car, or USB-C inputs add to their practicality.

If you’re in film or production, you’ll appreciate the silence and efficiency of the Yoshino PRO1000 & PRO2000.

Once we have them, we’ll update you with prices and availability on the Yoshino B6000 SST, EXB1 extendable battery, PRO1000, and PRO2000. In the meantime, you can see all of the Yoshino power solutions by clicking here and sign up for updates on the newest models by clicking here.

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