The Aiper Horizon U1 Lawn Mower Brings the Brand’s Robotic Prowess to Lawn Care

For the past few summers, I’ve reviewed and continued to use Aiper robots to help keep my pool clean in between professional services. The brand hasn’t stopped making great pool-cleaning robots but is expanding its line-up to include robots for other purposes. They’ve just announced the new Aiper Horizon U1, their first cordless robotic lawn mower.

Aiper Horizon U1 Lawn Mower

Aiper is a global leader in smart-yard robotic solutions, and their robotic pool cleaners are nothing short of remarkable — they automatically skim my pool’s surface, scrub the walls, and pick up debris on the bottom. The result is a pool that is even more welcoming than ever.

Now, they’re introducing their first cordless robotic lawn mower, the Aiper Horizon U1. This new robot will be available starting in the third quarter of this year. It will feature smart wireless mowing capabilities, including special technology that enables the lawn mower to adapt to various types of grass.

Aiper has also announced a new iOS and Android app that allows consumers to control the robot remotely. That means that, even on the hottest days, you could mow your lawn while sitting in your air-conditioned home, while grilling on the back patio, or enjoying the pool.

Aiper notes that the average US homeowner spends about 70 hours per year on lawn maintenance. In addition, traditional manual lawnmowers are loud gas guzzlers. Even a cordless battery-operated push mower like mine is hard to maneuver and takes up a significant amount of space in my garage in the off-season.

By contrast, the Horizon U1 has the same small, compact, lightweight design as Aiper’s small pool cleaners. That makes it easy to carry and simple to store on a shelf.

Aiper Horizon U1

Richard Wang, CEO and Founder of Aiper Global, observed:

It’s time to stop wasting time and energy wrestling with manual lawn mowers to achieve a well-groomed lawn when you could be using that time to grill or play lawn games. We are always growing and evolving our portfolio of products to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

The Horizon U1 cordless robotic lawn mower has powerful smart technology built-in to make lawn care easy and intuitive.

Boundary Setting

Aiper isn’t the first company to bring a robot lawn mower to market. Most competitors require a pricey and time-consuming setup process that involves the in-ground burial of boundary wires.

In contrast, the Horizon U1 has a Boundary Setting function that lets you set up the yard’s boundary in the app.

The robot then locates itself, and from there, “the robotic mower utilizes real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) and an inertial navigation system (INS) to function as an onboard GPS system providing centimeter-level precision across the yard.”

Aiper also sells a cordless Signal Relay Station that is useful for situations that require more complex navigation or when one device needs to be used to mow both front and back yards.

Precision Mowing

Not all lawns are the same, so the Aiper Horizon U1 can automatically adapt to different grass types and conditions. This ensures a smooth and exact cut across the entire lawn that looks clean and professionally “maintained.” This is accomplished thanks to special, adaptive blade technology that, as the company explains:

utilizes a four-link cutting disc structure and spring suspension design to achieve forward and reverse rotations to accommodate all terrain types and ensure an even cut that will be the envy of all the neighbors. Through a combination of sensors and navigation technology, the Horizon U1 features Intelligent Path Planning technology for precise end-to-end coverage for a beautifully uniform lawn.

Finally, the Aiper Horizon U1 can automatically maneuver around obstacles.

Aiper Vision Technology makes this possible by combining cameras and sensors and an AI-enhanced algorithm that captures real-time location information and precisely determines its current position.

The result is that, without users needing to lift a finger, the robot can avoid everything from trampolines to small animals and children. After all, while a manicured lawn is nice, safety always has to come first. And with the Aiper Horizon U1, it does.

The Horizon U1’s intelligent recharging system automatically returns the device to its charger when the battery level drops below 10%. Once the battery returns to 80% capacity, the mowers will automatically return to finish the job.

The Aiper Horizon U1 sounds like the perfect solution for anyone sick of mowing the lawn or, in my case, paying someone to do so. I’ve been beyond impressed with the company’s innovative pool cleaners, and I suspect the Horizon U1 will be no less terrific.

We’ll update you with pricing as soon as we have it, and you can expect the Aiper Horizon U1 to be available later this year. You can check out and learn more about Aiper’s products on


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  1. It sounds like Aiper has the right ideas in making a successful robot lawn mower. I’d expect that companies will eventually make the experience of using one similar to robot vacuum cleaners.

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