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Cordless Charging with the Powermat Wireless Charging System

We’ve mentioned WildCharge – the company that allows you to use inductive charging with nearly any mobile phone or other power hungry gadget – before on Gear Diary, but tonight I realized we hadn’t given any coverage to Powermat, another company with a similar premise (but a better looking design). What premise would that be? Why the one that says plugging your devices in to charge them is so passé; the idea that all you should have to do is lay your gadget on a mat to charge it, even if the trade-off is having to keep your phone in…

Add Personality And Run-time To Your Blackberry Bold With Case-Mate

I have really been enjoying the experience of using the Blackberry Bold over the last few weeks. It is a fantastic device for e-mail and IM;and the integration with Google voice, while not as good as you’ll find on a device running Android, is quite good. I cannot see giving up my iPhone, but I am glad to have the opportunity to use both devices in parallel. While I have not gotten into the practice of surrounding myself with accessories for the device in the way that I have with my iPhone, I have discovered a few key accessories that…

Otterbox Commuter Case for Blackberry Bold Review

I have used and reviewed a number of different device cases from Otterbox. They are always impressive cases that provide significant protection for delicate electronics. They do exactly what they say and then some. In fact, I have even submerged a device wrapped in one of their Armor cases in a glass of water to test it! I don’t recommend doing it, but when I did the case protected my iPod Nano perfectly!! Yup, Otterbox cases are the best thing going, but (and there’s always a but) they aren’t the most stylish of cases. Well… they weren’t… With the company’s…

iFrogz Timbre Review

iFrogz has quickly become one of the leaders in cutting edge accessories for Apple product, Mp3 players and other electronics devices. Their Ear Pollution line of headphones is one of the most popular headphone available on the market. iFrogz recently released a new item in the Ear Pollution line, the iFrogz Timbre. Available with or without an inline microphone the noise isolating ear buds are made with natural wood. I was recently sent a pair by iFrogz to review.  Do the Tibre’s perform as good as they look? Read on to find out.

Coveroo Custom Cases Review

Do you want your phone to have its own identity? Then perhaps it needs a Coveroo case. Coveroo offers over 2,000 designs that it laser engraves onto the back of your cases.  Or choose a color design and it’ll be applied with a special process that makes it both durable and wear resistant. You can also choose to truly customize your case by having Coveroo apply your own personal logo or picture to your case. The Coveroo cases are available for most major cell phones including BlackBerry, iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Palm, and more! I recently ordered a couple…

BBScanner for BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review

Roger that…10-4! OK, so my wife and I can sit for hours and watch cop shows…The First 48, Crime 360, Cops, Lockup, etc…and when I say hours I really mean all day! We spend a lot of time in Columbus, Ohio and like to know whats going on, mainly where is that police cruiser headed running lights and sirens! I guess we are nosy like that, but BBScanner fuels our need for busy body information.

PDAir Luxury Silicone Case for BlackBerry Storm Review

PDAir makes a case or skin for just about every mobile device currently available.  They have a wide variety of cases available ranging from leather to aluminum to silicone.  I was lucky enough to recieve a Luxury Silicone Case compatible with the BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530  to review.  Sporting a low $18 price and wide range of color choices, you could easily pick up one color — or several — to show off your individual style.

Innocase 360 case for BlackBerry 8900 reviewed

About three weeks ago I noticed that online case and accessory distributor Seidio was introducing a new Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry 8900. What’s unique about this case is that it includes a full keyboard cover which looks nearly identical to the BlackBerry keys. I thought the cover would be useful against wet weather and keeping stray debris away. After having spent a couple weeks using the case I can say that it indeed excels in protection while falling short in a couple other areas.

Otter Box Impact Case for Blackberry Curve Review

After purchasing a bright shiny phone, I don’t leave it naked  too long.  I receive as much pleasure from purchasing the case as I do from purchase of the phone.  In my opinion, the case needs to protect the phone and maintain all the button functions; if it can add to the coolness of the phone, the case is a winner.  Otter Box has just released a case for the BlackBerry Curve that does all three.