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My First Week with the New Helix Sleep Mattress

You know what’s better than a good night’s rest? A good night’s rest on a mattress that you helped create, according to how YOU want to sleep. There are plenty of mattresses on the market, but are you ready to spend thousands for comfort — especially when you can do the same thing for less money?

Casper Mattress Is THE Place to Buy Your Next Mattress

I recently began a series of posts about covering and reviewing items that help me as I begin the next stage of my life. To be single again for the first time in 20 years is an adjustment; creating a new home that feels like home is important, and that began when my Casper mattress arrived. I love it.

Starting Over At Midlife: A Gear Diary Diary Entry

At 49 years old, I find myself on my own and “starting over.” I want my new place to feel like home. Fortunately I know what I like and, within reason, I can afford what I need. This post series will look at some of the gear that come into play as I start my life … at midlife.

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System Unveiled at CES 2014

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System combines an under-mattress sleep sensor and a unique bedside device in order to take into account your entire sleeping environment so that it can improve your overall sleeping experience.  The color changing bedside device uses light and sound programs to “positively impact your sleeping conditions.” The sleep system sends all the data it collects to a free mobile phone app so that you can visualize your sleep and learn what wakes you up or helps you sleep.  With the app, you can adjust your wake pattern as well.  The bedside device emits different colors…

‘Cuddle Mattress’ Highlighted on NPR Innovation Series

You don’t get a long-lasting relationship without actually wanting to spend significant time with another person. And since we spend a significant amount of our life in bed, cuddling seems like a great way to enhance time together – but at a cost of possible circulation and nerve damage. The ‘Cuddle Mattress’ has an innovative way to solve those! Inventor Mehdi Mojtabavi was highlighted on NPR this week because of his innovative design. It divides the upper and lower portions of the bed into a series of slats. Side sleepers can wedge their arm — or stomach sleepers can wedge…

When Did Bed Shopping Get So Complex?

Sarah and I just bought a new mattress. This would not normally be news, but it was quite the shocker to discover just how complex buying a mattress has become. The last time I had to shop for a bed, I called 1-800-Mattress and bought the cheapest one they could quickly deliver. It was quick and it was simple. No longer. Now there are mattresses in every possible firmness, material, and price — except cheap. Honestly, I wanted to avoid the whole thing as long as possible, but Friday night our old bed struck back. I rolled over, and then…

Campus Quilt Review: All I Got From Running 50+ Races Was This Lousy T-Shirt? Not Anymore!

Over the last three years I’ve run over 50 road races. From local 5-Ks to finishing 12 full marathons and every other distance in between. If there’s on thing that all of the races have in common, besides the running, it’s the “race-shirt.” For as long as I can remember road races have always rewarded their participants with a t-shirt which not only commemorated the event but also allowed for sponsors to get their names out to the public too. As you can probably imagine with all the running I’ve done I’ve accumulated a lot of t-shirts. For a long…

Throwboy Pillows Review: For the true Fan-Boy

Are you an Apple fan-boy?  Are you all Apple, all the the time?  If you are then you probably think that Apple’s icons are part of what make’s their operating system so nice to look at. Now you can look at your Apple’s icons, dare I even say you can snuggle with them, when you’re away from your computer. How? Throwboy makes handmade pillows usually in the shape of Mac related icons.  The pillows are available in two sets.  There’s the icon collection, chat  collection and they also make an individual RSS pillow. This holiday season I received the full…