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Review: Apiotek Combo Express Card Adaptor

So, I guess it has been a while since I tried to work with any of the video I shot with my Sony camcorder.  A few weeks ago, I decided to capture and edit some video from my son’s school concert.  After about a half hour of fruitless searching, I realized a critical fact.  My Toshiba Satellite laptop does not… Read More ›

SkyVenture Orlando: A Safter Way To Skydive For Those Afraid of Heights, Failing Parachutes and Crash Landings

Would you ever skydive? That’s a question that I’ve always answered with a resounding “no way – no how”. My fear of meeting “Mr Earth” face first is much stronger than any thrill seeking ambitions. At least I thought so until I found an indoor skydiving center located in Orlando. Indoor skydiving offers the freedom and excitement of skydiving, but… Read More ›

An Update on My Car PC

I’m coming up on 2 months since I installed my Car PC, and I have to say it’s been great. Stability has probably been the most impressive thing, I haven’t had any issues with it crashing, and restart it maybe once a week to flush to memory and generally keep Windows happy. I also received the final piece of the… Read More ›

HTC Shift First Impressions

I have been very lucky to get hold of a Shift for a couple of weeks, and figured I’d start with a first impressions article, written entirely on the Shift. I was very impressed by the packaging, very nicely presented like the Touch Cruise. The Shift came wrapped in its beautiful leather case, a really nice addition. Removing it from… Read More ›

Honda CR – Go-Kart on steroids

While Honda lists the “CR” designation of the S2000 CR as referring to this new version as a “club racer” edition, I kind of thought it would also fit the bill as “Corvette reduced.” The new Honda produces about half the power of the Corvette from half the number of engine cylinders, costs about half the price of a Corvette… Read More ›

Astraware Bejeweled 2 is a Gem

I like handheld games. I spend a good bit of time playing games on my Windows Mobile handheld and on my Nintendo DS. There have never been, for me, enough good games written for the Windows mobile platform. For all the potential there, the selections have too frequently been knockoffs of each other. A while back, I bought and played… Read More ›

Fujitsu P8010 Review

[Sorry about the delay on this, I’ve been a bit swamped recently] As you all know I really liked the MacBook Air, because it had a gorgeous screen, top-notch keyboard and fantastic build quality all in an incredibly thin case. Unfortunately those are the four things that bugged me during my testing on the Fujitsu P8010. The screen had pathetic… Read More ›